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In Memoriam.


(Died January 4th, 1896).

IT is difficult to express the feelings of grief and sorrow with which we received the news of the sudden death of Walter Clucas. Bound to him by the ties of a close friendship dating from childhood, a friendship which passed beyond the mere meaning of the word, it comes doubly hard upon us to pen these few lines. And sad as is the passing of these strong bright young lives, there is ten added pang in this case, for but a twelvemonth before, Walter Clucas was married in S. Paul's Church to Miss Mona Roose, and entered on his new life with every prospect of happiness. They sailed for the Cape about the middle of January, and so had not left England ia year, when the sad news of his death reached us. Dr. Clucas had received an excellent appointment, and his letters home were always written in good spirits, and no shadow seemed to dim the bright prospect of his life. Shortly before his death, he had gone with the company of which he was surgeon, to Mafeking to disband. His wife, following him, found him ill with fever, and on the advice of the doctors, attempted to take him to the coast, but on the journey he was taken worse, and died at Molteno. Thus, at the very beginning of his new life, with new hopes and new possibilities opening out before him, when all the natural goodness that was in him was being drawn out and developed by a strong and devoted love, he passed away, and in him is lost a warm friend, a loving husband, a kind heart. Dr Clucas was well known to all in Ramsey ; and was a friend to all who knew him, and the sympathy of all, rich and poor, goes out to the young wife he has left behind him. May she find strength and comfort in this wide-felt sympathy, in the sorrow shared by all his friends, and in the remembrance of the love and devotion of her husband.


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