[From The N.M.P. Manx Year Book 1938]



In compiling the following "Who's Who in the Isle of Man" regard has been given to questions of space, and to special qualifications. It may avoid some misunderstanding if we say that the principle of selection adopted-or at least attempted has been that the subject has given conspicuous voluntary public service or has contributed in a special way to literature, science, art or music in the Island.

With the best intentions, we are conscious of many omissions. While every care has been taken to give only reliable particulars, there are no doubt many errors, and for these the Editor alone is responsible.

ALCOCK, W. H., M.H.K.,

in 1929, after one public meeting, went to the poll next day and was elected to the House of Keys for Ramsey; returned after another contest in 1934. Of Irish extraction, having been born in Newport, Co. Mayo, in 1863, he is the son of the late Wm. Bennis Alcock, Mus. Bac., New College, Oxford. He was educated in Dundalk, and, though unable to enjoy a complete university course afterwards, he availed himself of all the non-collegiate advantages open in those days in Trinity College, Dublin. In later years he studied Economics, Industrial History, and Political Economy at Balliol College, Oxford. All his life his bent has been engineering, chiefly productive or industrial engineering. Following this occupation brought him a varied experience in almost every corner of Great Britain; on the Continent; and in India and Burma. He first came to the Island in 1904, on a visit to his brother-in-la-w. Member of Publicity Board and of the Finance and Consultative Committee of the House of Keys, the Board of Agriculture, and the Ecclesiastical Committee of Tynwald. Elected November, 1936, after a contest, as a Ramsey Town Commissioner. Address: "Lyndock," Ramsey.

BARNES, Edward.

General Manager and Engineer of the Manx Electric Railway Company. B.1882 ; received his clcctrical training with the M.E.R., after which he was in Canada 1906-1914. Superintendent Engineer Calgary Power Co. from 1911-1914 Electrical Engineer for the White Star Line 1915-1922, when he rejoined the M.E.R. and was appointed to his present position in February, 1936. Address Strathallan Crescent, Douglas.

BARWELL, William Garrett.

B. in Douglas, the son of a Compositor; now manager of the Isle of Man Steampacket Co., to which position he was appointed in December, 1929 and was due to retire from at the end of 1937- He joined the Company as a youth in 1888, and has filled nearly all the higher posts open to the staff. For over twenty years he was the Steampacket representative at the important clearing house conferences of the Railway and other carrying companies. He was identified with sport in many forms in his earlier years, including Rugby and Association football, cycling, swimming, athletics; and in music as a member of Church and Male Voice choirs, choral and amateur dramatic societies. Address Imperial Buildings, Douglas.

CAIN, Richard.

B. Douglas in 1864. For 15 years member of the House of Keys for Avre Sheading, first elected 1919, re-elected 1924 and 1929; retired in 1934. Founder and president of the World Manx Association. while in Legislature he acted as Chairman of the Board of Agriculture and a member of the Publicity and Health Insurance Boards, also of the Finance and Consultative Committee of the House of Keys. First Chairman of the new Marketing Board and still holds office. Took a keen interest in early progress of Manx Reform Movement and gave evidence before the Home Office Commission, 1911. Advocate of agricultural education, co-operation and development. Managing director of the Castletown Brewery, and induced Prince George during his visit in 1932 to " mash a special brew." Address : " St. Helena," Spring Valley, Douglas.

CAIN, Robert Caesar, M.L.C., J.P., Receiver-General since 1934

B. 1867 in Santon. Was for thirteen years a member of the Douglas Town Council, having the most unusual experience of never once having to fight for election. In 1919, was returned after a contest as one of the three members for North Douglas in the House of Keys, and five years later was appointed by the House as one of their elected Members of the Legislative Council. On expiration of his term of office in December, 1927, he was re-elected for a further term and again in 1935- Was appointed Receiver-General (i.e., Chairman of the Isle of Man Harbour Board) or, the death of Joseph Qualtrough in 1934. Is also a member of the Local Government Board, an,l a justice of the Peace. In 1908 won the Bowling- Championship of the Isle of Man. In early manhood, spent ten years in Queensland; returned to the Island for family reasons, intending to go back; "made good" at home, and went back in 1927 on a pleasure trip. Address: Somerset Road, Douglas.

CAIN, Thomas William, J.P. Mayor of Douglas for 1936 and 1937.

B. in Douglas, Januarv 6th, 1875. Educated at Green's High School and King William's College. Fifteen years a member of the Douglas School Board and the Isle of Man Education Authority. Has served on the Town Council since 1925, and is now an Alderman of the Borough. He has been specially identified on the Council with the Town improvement scheme, housing, the new Loch Promenade, Villa Marina improvements, and electricity extensions. A prominent Oddfellow; Freemason; and member of Douglas Allotments Association. In sport, has been closely and actively associated with Football, Cricket, Rifle Shooting and field sports. As a rifle man was a skilled shot at full and short ranges. By profession, a member of the Manx Bar. Address : Aufield Hav, Victoria Road.

CALLISTER, William, J.P., Onchan.

Clerk to the Village Commissioners since creation in 1896 to 1929; a Headmaster of Onchan Elementary School for 43 years out of 48 years as a Manx Headmaster. B. 1857 at Peel; received his education and qualifications as a scholar and student of the Peel Mathematical and Clothworkers' Schools. A member for 12 years of the Onchan Voluntary Poor Relief Board; one of the Committee of four responsible for building the Village Hall; has been Hon. Secretary of numerous local village and parish movements, the latest being the Oncllan War Memorial. Holds the Royal Humane Society's Medal for life-saving. Was made a justice of the Peace in 1925. Is a captioning Authority, and has been a member of the Licensing Appeal Court since 1926. Address : 22 Victoria Avenue, Onchan.

CALLOW, Thomas, M.H.K.

One of the Members of the House of Keys for Garff, and was re-elected after a contest in 1934 A Parish Commissioner of Lonan for many years; has been a Member of the local Board of Guardians for over twenty years and acts as honorary treasurer. Is a Member of the Highway Board and the Publicity Board. Address: " MoaneyQuill," Lonan.

CARINE, Mark, J.P.

Formerly Chairman and still a Member of the Douglas District Licensing Court; vice-chairman of the Isle of Man Employers' Federation; a member of the Old Age Pensions and National Insurance Board, Chairman of the Unemployment (Advisory) Committee. Sat in the House of Keys from 1913 to 1919 as senior member for North Douglas, and formerly occupied for many years a seat on every local authority in Douglas. During his tenure of office in the Legislature he sat on the Workmen's Compensation Commission and was a member of several Boards of Tynwald, and was for a time Deputy Receiver General. Address: Little Switzerland, Douglas.


B. 1855. Educated at K.W.C. Chairman of the Trustees and Chairman of Management Committee of the Isle of Man Homes for Orphan and Destitute Children. He has been on this Committee for over fifty years. He has also been continuously a Member of the Douglas Board of Guardians since first created in 1893; in fact, he was a member of the Voluntary Poor Relief Committee whose work was then taken over by the Guardians. He is the oldest Member of the Douglas Poor Relief Authority and of the Hospital Committee dating from the time the Hospital was situated in Fort Street. He was one of two responsible for initiating the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and is still the lion. Treasurer. A member of the House of Industry Committee, the Douglas Coal Fund Committee, in fact, these and many other local charitable organisations whose work is among the poor and infirm have claimed his activities for well over a quarter of a century. Many years ago Mr. Christian built the Gymnasium for the free use of the town, but it was eventually closed through lack of continuation of support. He presented the site of the present School of Art in Kensington Road, and was for many years hon. Treasurer. He was made a justice of the Peace in 1904. Address: " Rookwood," Quarterbridge Road, Douglas.

CLAGUE, John Baxter, J.P.

B. 1875. Held office between 1899 till 1919 for fifteen years as a Member of the Ramsey School Board and the Northern Higher Education Board; elected in 192o as a Member of the Central Education Authority. Is Secretary of Ramsey Cottage Hospital, a Director of Isle of Man Railway Co., Ltd., and Chairman of Ramsey Water Works Co., and a captioning authority in the North of the Island. Appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1925. Director of Isle of Man Bank. Address : Coburg Rd., Ramsey.


B. at Nantwich, Cheshire, 21st June, 1862; married Elizabeth Kingston of the same town, 3rd July, 1883, and soon afterwards commenced business as a cake and biscuit manufacturer in Altrincham. Received the Royal Humane Society's Certificate for live-saving at Rostherne Mere, 16th February, 1895. Mayor of Altrincham, 1924-25; and for fifty years took an active part in the social, political and religious life of the community-during which he raised large sums of money for beneficient purposes. A great lover and student of Manxland, he wrote " The Widda-man "-a sympathetic study of simple Manx life, and other novels. He is also the author of many short stories and poems, several of which have gained Royal recognition. Address: " The Brooklands," Royal Avenue, Onchan.

CLINTON, James, M.H.K.,

elected to the House of Keys as one of the Members for Glenfaba in October, 1933 He took the seat vacated by the death of W. P. Clucas. He was re-elected after a contest in 1934. He has been identified with the public life of Peel for many years, serving on local boards and other organizations, both social and religious. He was elected by Tynwald to serve on the Local Government Board. Address: Douglas Road, Peel.

CLUCAS, John Donald, J.P., C.P.

B. at Sunnyside, Onchan, eldest son of the late John Thomas Clucas, H.K., J.P., C.P., and the late Margaret Clucas, eldest daughter of the late William Callister, H.K., J.P., of Thornhill, Ramsey. Educated: Spondon House School, Derbyshire, Uppingham, Rutland and Pembroke College-Cambridge; M.A., admitted to English Bar, 1892; to Manx Bar, 1894; appointed Captain of Parish of Rushen, 1894; J.P., 1921; has sat in the House of Keys as Member for Rushen and Ayre on four different occasions from 1897 till 1924, when appointed by Governor M.L.C., a position he resigned in October, 1928, owing to ill-health. Was a Director of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. from 1919 to 1928; Director of Isle of Man Bank and Chairman, 1926 to 1930 ; member of the Common Lands Board from 1905 and Chairman from 1918 to the present. Address: "Thornhill," Ramsey.

CLUCAS, Thomas, M.H.K.

B. 1880 at Union Mills, Braddan. One of the three Members for Middle Sheading, being elected at a by-election in October, 1935, in place of Mr. Charles Gill, appointed M.L.C. Is a, member of the Old Age Pensions Board and of the Food Council ; Vice-Chairman of the Braddan Board of Guardians; President of the Douglas Model Yachting Club ; Vice-President of the Isle of Man Football Association. He served on the juvenile Unemployment Committee. For 23 years he was in the Isle of Man Volunteers for which he holds the Long Service Medal. Mobilised in 1914 but specially retained for National service in the Island in connection with the employment of women. Mr. Clucas is best known as the founder and chief of Clucas' Laundry. Started in a house in Circular Road in 19o6; moved to Tromode in 1912; formed into a private company in 1922 when Tromode Village and Mills, including 42 houses, were acquired. He puts down his outstanding success in the business life of the Isle of Man to opportunity, enterprise, and advertising. Address : Hawarden Avenue, Douglas.

COLLET, Sir Mark, Bart., LL.B.,B.A. (Cantab.).

B. 1864.:Made his home in the Isle of Man in 1935. Has held positions of Deputy Lieutenant for County of Kent; and been Alderman of the County; vice-chairman of the County Council, and chairman of the Kent Education Committee. He was responsible for the adoption in Kent of the system of the County Library and Library- Vans. Was a Justice of the Peace for the County of Kent. Address : Ballamanaugh, Sulby.

COTTIER, Arthur James, M.H.K.

B. 1872 in Andreas village. Elected as a Member for Ayre at the General Elections of 1929 and 1934, and is a progressive and successful tenant farmer. He has done ten years' service on the Isle of Man Education Authority and for six years been Chairman of the Ramset' Grammar School Governors. Is a member of the Isle of Man Agricultural Board, and a member of the :plental Hospital and Assessment Board. Address: Ballaradcliffe, Andreas.

CRAINE, Walter Clucas, M.H.K., J.P..

B. 1877, at Douglas, E. first Labour Mayor of Douglas, appointed November, 1937. The first Labour Candidate to contest a seat in the Manx Legislature. He first stood for South Douglas in 1908; then North Douglas, 1921; South Douglas again, 1922, in all of which he was defeated; then successfully South Douglas, 1924; re-elected without a contest in 1929, and again after a contest in 1934. Is an elected director of the Manx National Health Insurance Society, a trustee of the Manx :Museum, a member of the Committee of Noble's Hospital. Under the Legislature is a member of the Mental Hospital and Assessment Board, the Agricultural Board, and I.o.M. Publicity Board. Is also a member, Air Race and Cycle Race Committee, June Effort and Season Extension Committee. The first Labour Town Councillor in by-election, returned unopposed, Nov., 1926 and 1929. Was first Labour nominee of the Douglas Poor Law Guardians. Served in France and Salonica from Aug., 1914, to Feb., 1920. Has been actively identified with the Manx Labour Party for over 30 years; and with Rugby and Association Football, Boxing, Bowling, and Gymnastics has a long record. Is also Secretary of Isle of Man Football Association. Address 'town Hall, Douglas.

CRAINE, William Albert, J.P.

B. Douglas. Educated: Thomas St. Wesleyan, Green's, and first Board School. Agent_ L.M. c4 S. RailN~av (retired). Organist and C.M., Loch Parade P.M. Church at 18 ; Solo Tenor and Assistant Organist, St. Thomas's Church, for fourteen vears. Founded Douglas Choral Union, Hon. Sec. for twenty years ; also played chief tenor roles for many years. Hon. Sec. Douglas Amateur Alin;trels. Choirmaster Onchan Parish Church for 25 years. Hon.Sec. World Manx Association for fourteen years; Hon. Sec. Manx Musical Festival. Hon. Local Representative Assoc. Board, R.A.M. and Royal College of Music for 20 years; Trustee Baume Music Scholarship. Chairman, Onchan Village Commissioners six times, and was a 'Member for 26 years, as also a Member of the Publicity Board for many years. is a Member of the June Effort Publicity Committee. J.P., ,29. Address: " North Cliff," Onchan.

CRELLIN, John Frissell, M.C., M.H.K., J.P., C.P.

Son of tie late J. F. Crellin, M.H.K., J.P., C.P. B. in Douglas, 1889. Educated at King William's College. Served in France, 1914-19, wounded in 1916, awarded M.C. with bar 1918; appointed Captain of the Parish of Andreas 1918; elected to the House of Keys as a Member for Ayre at General Election, 1924, and as senior Member for Michael in 1929 and 1934-the constituency for which his father and his grandfather sat. Is Chairman of the Local Government Board and of the Isle of Man Fisheries Board, and a Church Commissioner. A director of the I.o.M. Steam Packet Co. Address: Ballachurry, Andreas.

CORLETT, Robert, J.P.,

appointed in 1931 a Freeman of the Borough of Douglas. B. in Lezayre over seventy years ago. Came to Douglas 1878; went into business as a builder, 1884; elected to the Town Commissioners in 1894; made an Alderman of the Borough in 1907 and still serving. Mayor of Douglas, 1913 and 1914; appointed a justice of the Peace in 1919. Has held during forty years every office in the disposal of his fellow-mernbers of the Town Council, and was made a Freeman of the Borough in 1931. Is at present a member of the Licensing Appeal Court. Address : Woodland Terrace, Douglas.

CORRIN, James Robinson, M.L.C., J.P.

B. 1878. Identified with the Labour 'Movement in the Isle of Man since 1906; has held office of Chairman of the Manx Labour Party; was elected to the House of Keys for Rushen Sheading in 1919 and again in (92,1. Appointed by the Lieut. Governor as a Member of the Legislative Council, in November, 1928, the first Labour member to hold such a position. Is Chairman of the Isle of 'Ian Electricity Board, a member of the Local Government Board, and Chairman of.the Development (Town Planning, etc.) Board, and the Public Works Commission. Was made a Justice of the Peace in 1927. Address : "The Level," Colby.

COWIN, Hilda Jane,

who entered the ranks of authorship in the little book "Manx Dialect and Other Poems," was born in Douglas, and has spent her life there. She has been identified with the work of the League of Nations Union, and the Juvenile Employment Committee, is President of the British Women's Total Abstinence Union, I.o.M. Council, and otherwise has been connected with religious and social activities. Address : Woodbourne Square, Douglas.

COWIN, John Henry Lockhart, M.H.K.

B. in Douglas 24th August, 1899. Educated at King William's College. Elected to the House of Keys as one of the Members for Middle Sheading, after a contest, in November, 1933, and again at the general election of 1934 Has been Hon. Secretary of the Police Court and Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society since 1923, and acted as leader of Island's deputation to the A.C.U. in connection with Motor Cycle Races, a running commentary on which he gave for the B.B.C. this year. Was a passenger on the R.M.S. " Douglas," when she was run down in the 'Mersey in 1924. As an advocate of the Manx Bar, He was leading counsel in actions re the sinking of the '' Douglas," and also in a long contested case against the Isle of Man Steampacket Co. He was also closely associated with bringing the " Manxland " Motor Buses to the Island. During the war He was a pilot and commissioned officer in the Air Force; and previously was Captain of K.W.C. shooting team when they won the " Country Life " Shield, open to all public schools. Mr. Cowin is one of the youngest men to win a seat in the House of Keys since it became a popularly elected body. Is a Member of the Old Age Pensions and Ilealth Insurance Board, and the Board of Agriculture. Address : "Thornton," Peel Road, Douglas.

COWIN, Walter Kewley, M.H.K.

B. Lonan, 1871. A Member of the Laxey Village Commissioners. Chairman of Board in 1923 and 1935. Secretary to 1c;ca1 Unemployment Committee during the time the Laxey Mines were closed. The first Labour Member of the House of Keys to be elected by Garff Sheading in the General Election in 1924, and was returned at the head of the poll in 1929 and 1934 Member of the Old Age Pensions and Health Insurance Board, Forestry [')card and Fisheries Board, and the Development (Town Planning) Board. Address : " Sunnyside," South Cape, Laxey.

COWLEY, Charles Henry, of Peel.

B. 1874. A well-known Manx archeologist. A report by him on" Manx Pigmy Flints " appeared in the journal of the British Archeological Association in December, 1921. He is an ex-president of the Isle of Man History and Antiquarian Society. He is also a Manx linguist. Address : Myrneen, Ballagnane, Peel.

COWLEY, William Percy, J.P.

Appointed Second Deetnster in November, 1934. lie was High-Bailiff of Ramsey and Peel from 1925 to the end of 1932 when he resigned in order to take up directorships of the I.o.M. Steampacket Company and the Palace and Derby Castle Companv. B. in Ramsey, 26th July, 1886 Was recognised as one of the leaders and perhaps the ablest pleader of the Manx Bar. He was chairman of the Health Insurance Society from its inception in 1920 till 1921; also a member of the Old Age Pensions and Health Insurance Board. He had previously held position of Chairman of the Government Commission on Workmen's Compensation, National Health and Unemployment Insurance, and on Licensing Laws, and again in 1927, on Unemployment. He has taken an active interest in Friendly Society work, being of the I.o.M. District of Oddfellows in 1914, etc.; certified auditor of the M.U. of Oddfellows. He is also Provincial Grand Master of the Isle of Man Province of Freemasons. Is chairman of the Public Works Commission. During the war, served on staff of British C. in C. with the Mediterranean Fleet in 1918 as Paymaster Sub.-Lieut. R.N.V.R. Address "Ballaughtion." Braddan. Isle of Man.

CUBBON, William, F.R.S.A.I.

B. at Croit-y-Caley, Rushen in 1865. Started life as a printer's apprentice and became manager and acting editor of the paper, the "I.o.M. Examiner" and later, joint proprietor of the " Manx Sun " till merged in the " I.o.M. Times." In 1912 appointed Borough Librarian of Douglas; in 1917 started and became Manager of the Employment Exchange under the Government; in 1922 was appointed Secretary and Librarian of the Manx Museum, and in 1932 was made curator of the Museum. Has held the Presidency of the Manx Society and of the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society. Published: " Book of Manx Poetry " (1913) ; ' Manx Christian Names " (1923) ; " A Bibliographical Account of the Literature of the Isle of Man " (1933) In 1933, the Norwegian Government had proposed to confer on Mr. Cubbon the Knighthood of the Order of St. Olav, but on account of a foreign office rule, he could not accept the honour. Editor of the journal of the Manx Museum. Address: " Cairbrie," Albany Road, Douglas.

CUNNINGHAM, Elizabeth, O.B.E.

B. in Liverpool. Has taken a deep interest in philanthropic and social work and been a great benefactor to the Isle of Man Hospital and Scout movement, Has occupied position of Commissioner of the Girl Guides Association for the Isle of Man since 1916; and was the pioneer of the Douglas Child Welfare Association. The first lady in the Isle of Man to be presented with the Order of the British Empire. Appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor as a Director of the Manx National Health Society, and takes an active interest in religious and social enterprises. Her late husband, Mr. Joseph Cunningham, was one of the first four members of the House of Keys in 1919 to be appointed by the House as an elected member of the Legislative Council, and was Scout Commissioner for the Island. Address: " Highcliffe," Douglas.

CURPHEY, Edward James, J.P., C.P.

B. at Sulby Bridge. As Parish Commissioner, Poor Law Guardian, and School Board Member, has put in thirty years of local public service. Is the oldest Wesleyan 'Methodist local preacher in his district; but has served three times as Churchwarden ! He served in the House of Keys from 1907 till 1929, when he retired and was made a J.P. Captain of the Parish of Jurby since June, 1913- Address : "Ballahowin," Sulby Bridge, Lezayre.

DALGLEISH, Frank Samuel, M.L.C., J.P.

B. at Douglas, February 29, 1868. Elected to the House of Keys for Glenfaba in 1917, and re-elected at the General Elections since. Appointed by the Keys in 1931 as a Member of the Legislative Council in place of the late Edward Callister. Fifteen years on the Peel School Board, and Chairman of that body and the Higher Education Authority in the Western Area. A member of the Isle of Man Highway Board and Development Board. Address : Sunny Bank, Derby Road, Peel.

DOUGLAS, Constance Mona.

Rural Librarian for the Isle of Man. Folklorist, writer and dramatist.Formerly Hon. Secretary of the Manx Society and Asst. Secretary of the Village Drama Society (London). Present Hon. Secretary for the Isle of Man to the Celtic Congress. Address: Education Office, Douglas.

DRINKWATER, John Roddam, J.P.

Crown Receiver of the Isle of Man. Wales and Monmouth, eldest surviving son of the late George Drinkwater, Esq. and grandson of the late Deemster Sir William Drinkwater. B. at Chiswick, London, April 1888. Educated at King William's College and Rugby School. YLA., L1.B. of King's College, Cambridge, and Solicitor of the High Court of Justice. Served in France, 1915-1919. Major, Royal Artil'ery, and was wounded and gassed. Was responsible for the formation of the Loyal Manx Association, 1914, and Commandant 1914-1915. Sports and Recreation Tennis and golf. Clubs : Oxford and Cambridge, Pall Mall. Address : Kirby, Douglas.

FARRANT, Ewan Bridson Curphey, M.H.K., J.P.

Youngest son of the late E. C. Farrant of Ballakillingan, Lezayre, a former member of the House of Keys. He was educated at King William's College. In 1914 received Commission in the Royal Welch Fusiliers ; served in France and was wounded. He entered public life 1i years ago as a member of the Isle of A,Ian Education Authority of which in November, 1934 he was made Chairman. He tried unsuccessfully to secure a seat in the House of Keys for Ayre in 1929; in 1934 he succeeded in getting the second of the three seats. He is a member of the I.o.M. Agricultural Board, the Forestry Board and the Northern Water Board, a Trustee of the Manx Museum, and a member of the Executive Council of the British Legion (Manx District). He is a first cousin of the Clerk of the Rolls, His Honour Deemster Farrant. Address : Beach House, Ramsey.

FARRANT, Reginald Douglas, F.S.A. (Scot.), F.R.A.I. J.P.

First Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls of th, Isle of Man, appointed 1934 ; appointed Second Deemste 1925, and ex-officio Member of the Legislative Counci and Tynwald Court. He was at that time High-bailif of Douglas and Castletown, which position he had held sint 1919; had been previously Clerk to the justices at Douglas B. Ballamoar, July, 1877. Sub-Lieutenant Royal Nava Volunteer Reserve (Auxiliary Patrol), January, 1916; Lieuten ant, January, 1917 (in command) ; on anti-submarine patrol in English Channel, 19f6-I7; and in the North Sea, 1917-1918 Chairman of the Ecclesiastical Committee of Tynwald; on the law of Property Act Commission; of the Trustees of the Manx Museum; of the War Pensions Committee of the Britisl Legion (Douglas) ; of the National Lifeboat Association, (Douglas); of the I.o.M. Officers' Association, etc. Trustee of the National Health Insurance Society and of the House of Industry, etc. Has written on Manx Law and Customs in law quarterly reviews; selected and re-published 1937, as "Mann"; in sports shown keen interest in yachting, ski-ing and golf. Address: Rolls Office, Douglas.

FOX, Charles, J.P.

B. in Manchester 1871. Educ.: at Manchester Grammar School. He was three years chairman and is still a member of the Committee of the Crookall Maternity Home; he is also a member of the Committee of Noble's I.o.M. Hospital. He was chairman of the " Carnival Committee," which preceded the June Effort Committee, and has been identified with the latter since its inception, being the vice-president and chairman of the Amusements Committee for many years. He was also first president of the Douglas Rotary Club. His activities are best known as secretary and manager of the old Palace Company in 1893, and the Amalgamated Palace and Derby Castle Company since 1898. He was appointed managing director in 1919 and is now chairman and managing director of the company. He became a J.P. in 1927. Address : " Daleside," Cronkbourne Road, Douglas.

GILL, Charles, M.L.C., J.P.

Son of the late Mr. Alexander Gill, builder of many of the biggest properties in Douglas. B. 1881 at Douglas, elected to House of Keys for Middle Sheading 1919; re-elected at head of poll, 1924, 1929 and 1934; elected by the House of Keys as a member of the Legislative Council in 1934 is Deputy Receiver General as a member of the Harbour Board; a Member of the Highway Board; the Local Government Board ; Military and Naval Pensions Board ; Local. Development (Town Planning) Board : President of A.C.U. Centre; President of I.o.M. Rifle Association; Member of Hospital Committee; and the Children's Home Committee. Elected a Commissioner of Onchan, 1gig; retired in 1923 and was re-elected 1924, but retired owing to other public duties in 1927. Address: Lucerne Villa, Little Switzerland Douglas.

GOLDIE-TAUBMAN, Ernest Harcourt, J.P., C.P.,

son of the late Sir John Goldie-Taubman. B. at Edinburgh, Dec., 1868. Seconded to serve under the Foreign Office in East Africa, 1895. Appointed second in command of His Highness the Sultan of Zanzibar's Army in 1898. Commandant of Police, Zanzibar Protectorate, 1900. Order of the Aliyeh. Order of the Hamoudieh. On returning to England in 1908, Major Taubman was appointed to the prison service where he was Governor of several prisons until 1925, when he was appointed H.M. Inspector of Prisons for England and Wales. President of the World Manx Association; President of Yn Cruinnaght; and President of the Manx Legion. Address: The Nunnery, Douglas.

HAMPTON, Robert Quine, M.H.K.,

B. 1876 in Douglas. Educated at Thomas Street Wesleyan Day School. Entered his uncle's (Moses Hampton) business of grocer, ship broker and oil importer. Ultimately, on his uncle's retirement, he bought the oil business and greatly developed it. With the advent of the motor, a great development took place in the distribution of hydro-carbon and lubricating oil, and during the war he was retained in the Island as under-Government distributor and placed in charge of supplies of the submarine chasers. After the war he disposed of his oil business to the Shell Company. After a short spell away from business he returned to commercial pursuits, and is now chairman of the Isle of Man Railway Co., and the Isle of Man Road Services, and a director of the Douglas Gas Co., and the Douglas Steam Saga Mill Co. He was an active member of the Liberal Association between 1908-13, and unsuccessfully contested a seat in North Douglas in 1921, but succeeded at his second attempt in 1934 Is a Member of the Isle of Man Old Age Pensions Board. Married in 1913, -Miss Annabel Skinner, an American-born lady with Manx connections. Address: Cronkbourne Road, Douglas.

HAY, Henry Hanby, F.R.S.L.

Lecturer and Dramatist. Born in the Isle of Man of Yorkshire parents, he was educated at Glen Lyon House and, at 17, joined his brother in America. In America he taught, edited, and wrote a number of plays, some of which were publicly performed. In New Castle, Delaware, he was elected Superintendent of the Schools, and later married Miss Sophia B. Rodney. When he left New Castle he was elected to a position in Gerard College, Phil., writing dramas. Since then he bas written " The Great Elizabeth," " What Shakespeare Was," " Leonardo, Lord of Expression," " Heroes in Their Dressing Gowns," " The Story of William Christian," " A Manx Tragedy," also a book of short poems. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1934. Address : 3 Albert Terrace, Douglas.

HOGGART, William, R.I., R.B.C., R.C.A.,

Landscape Painter, B. at Lancaster, 1879. Educated at Lancaster and Julian's, Paris. Married Dazine Archer, daughter of the late William Archer, Has had exhibits at R.A., R.I., R.S.A., K.S.W., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India, Jamaica, Austria and elsewhere, his subjects being, in numerous instances, scenery in the Isle of Man. The following works trave been officially purchased for pubic galleries and diploma work at the Royal Institute, Piccadilly, London : Liverpool. "A Glimpse of the Bay"' Manchester, "The Avenue" (Onchan); Lady Leverhulme Gallery, "Sunny Manxland"; Oldham, "Chestnut Tree" (Lezayre) and a set of Fishing Drawings: Preston. "The Road to the Farm" (Lezayre); Rochdale "The Creggans" (Castletown); Lancaster, '-'Frigry Farm" (Ballabeg) , ' Autumn" (Glendown) , ' "Lancaster" ~ Australia : (Melbourne), "Twilight, Port Erin"; (Adelaide) ' Melting Snow " (Glen Maye); From Gansey Point," Town Hall, Lancaster (in the Mayor's Parlour of Lancaster), " Seascape," in Town Hall, Stretford; " Stackyard," in Town Hall, Stratford; T. E. Brown Memorial Window at The Manx Museum; " Douglas Old Bridge," in Town Hall, Douglas. Recreations: chess and walking. Signs his work " William Hoggart" (printed letters). Address . "The Darragh," Port Erin.

HUDSON, Edward Corlett, T.C.

B. at Castletown in 1884. Was elected Mayor of Douglas on 4th March, 1932, and on the 9th November, 1932, he was unanimously re-elected to the Mayoralty for the ensuing year. Made an alderman in 1934 Mr. Hudson became a member of the Douglas Town Council as representative for Murray's Ward in Nov., 1923' Has served on most committees of the Council, and has been Chairman of Finance, Water, Health, and Library Committees. Was a member of the Douglas Board of Guardians for five years and retired so that he could devote all his time to the Council. Was Chairman of the Car Races Committee and the Work for the Workless Committee in 1933, Also takes a very active interest in Freemasonry. Address : Palatine Road, Douglas.

HUGHES GAMES, Harold G, W., J.P. (appointed 1937),

Sixth and only surviving son of the Venerable Archdeacon Hughes-Games. Educated at King William's College and Worcester College, Oxford. Honours in Mathematical Moderations and Science (Chemistry) Finals, Oxford. Assistant Master at K.W.C., 1895-1904; Senior Master at the Royal Naval Colleges, Osborne and Dartmouth, 1904-1932; Master at Trinity College, Glenalmond, 1932-1933; retired. On resuming residence in the Isle of Man he was appointed one of the Trustees and Governors of K.W.C.; specially identified himself with the Barrovian Hall Fund and the College Building Fund, for which amounts had been raised, up to December, 1937, nearly £14000. To these Mr. Hughes-Games himself contributed over £3,500. Address: Dunluce. Cronkbourne Road, Douglas.

JOHNSON, Ramsey Gelling.

Vicar-General of Diocese of Sodor and Man, appointed October, 1931. Youngest son of the late Frank Johnson, Registrar of Deeds; Secretary of House of Keys and Clerk to Tynwald, 1929; member of the Manx Bar. Member Douglas Town Council, March 1921 to November, 1931; Member of the House of Keys for North Douglas, 1924-1929; first chairman of Governor's Consultative Committee of House of Keys; Chairman of Tynwald Committee on Agriculture, 1926; Director, Palace and Derby Castle, Ltd.: served, 1915-1919, in France as Adjutant, R.F.A., and was wounded at Messines, 1917; Chairman of the Douglas branch of the Manx Legion, 1919-1932; Chairman of the Baume Trustees; Trustee of the Jones and Wilson Charities; Deputy Mayor of Douglas, 1927-28; Director Manx Health Insurance Society; Past Master Lord Raglan Lodge of Freemasons. Married in 1934 Peggy, only daughter of Mr. Richard, Needham of Southport. Address : Perwyn, Quarterbridge Road, Douglas.

JONES, STANTON, William, D.D.,

Lord Bishop ot Sodor and Man. B. at Birkenhead in 1866. After taking up teaching work at Ashford House Schools, he entered St. Aidan's Theological College, Birkenhead, and subsequently graduated at Durham University. Ordained in Liverpool Cathedral in 1891 and served as curate at the Parish Church of Widnes. In 1896 was appointed vicar of St. Polycarp, Everton, Liverpool, and in 1903 was preferred to be vicar of Kirkdale, Liverpool. He was next appointed Rector of Middleton in 1911, and became Rural Dean of Middletown. He became vicar and rural dean of Bradford in 1919 and here saw the completion in 1920 of the scheme of making Bradford a diocese. He was appointed Archdeacon of Bradford and Hon. Canon of St. Blasius in Bradford Cathedral. In churchmanship he is a liberal evangelical. He was appointed Bishop of Sodor and Man in April, 1928, and was consecrated at York in June. Mrs. Stanton Tones is a sister of the late Sir Arthur Yapp, Hon. President of the Y.M.C.A. Movement. Address : Bishopscourt, Kirk Michael, Isle of Man.

KELLY, Bertram George, A.M.I.E.E.

Born at Douglas 1884. Educated at Walton College and the Royal Technical College Glasgow. Trained with Messrs. Lowden Bros. & Co., Dundee, and Messrs. Crompton & Co., Chelmsford, and subsequently held appointments with the London County Council, the Midland Railway, and the Manx Electric Railway. Appointed Borough Electrical Engineer of Douglas in August, 1922. Mr. Kelly is an Associate Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers; a Member of the Association of Public Lighting Engineers, and an engineer Member of the Incorporated Municipal Electrical Association. He is a prominent churchman, being the Member for Sodor and Man in the House of Laity of the National Assembly of the Church of England; a -.Member of its Central Board of Finance; a Church Commissioner for the Isle of Man; an Honorary Diocesan Lay Reader, etc. Is interested in Free Masonry and holds Provincial rank. Has contributed a number of articles to the technical and lay press. Address: " Goldstone," Douglas.

KELLY, John, J.P.

The first Labour member to be elected for North Douglas, which he secured by four votes in 1929. He had already done public service as a member of the old asAgea Pensions and the National Health Insurance Board and , member o Unemployment (Advisory) Committee. Lost his seat in 1934 by 113 votes. Was made a justice of the Peace by the Governor in 1928. Address: 8 Mount Havelock, Douglas.

KELLY, Henry Percy, B.A., J,P,,

High Bailiff of the Isle of Man. B. 10th March, 1880. Younger son of the late Henry Kelly of Ballaqueeney, Rushen, and younger brother of VV. A. Kelly, M.H.K. Educated at K.W.C. and Cambridge. Admitted to Manx Bar in 1906. Recognised as an authority on the Manx language, he is the official translator into Manx of summary of Acts of Tynwald. Is ex-officio Chairman of the House of Industry, Douglas, and Trustee of some local charities. Appointed-High Bailiff and Coroner of Inquests, April 12th, 1937. Married Miss Kathleen Grange, daughter of Mr. A. P. Grange, of Douglas. Address: High Bailiff's Office, 14 Buck's Road.

KELLY, William Arthur, M.H.K., J.P.

Born 1870 at Port St. .Mary. Is the eldest son of the late Henry Kelly of Bal1aqueeney. Educated at the old Castletown Grammar School and privately. Has been a member of the Port St. Mary Commissioners for 23 years. First elected a Member of the House of Keys for Rushen in 1928, then at the General Election lost his seat by two votes. Returned after a contest in February, 1931, and again in 1934. At present is a member of Publicity Board and Board of Agriculture, of which he is Chairman. Made a Justice of the Peace in 1929. Address: Ballaqueeney, Port St. Mary.

KERMODE, James Samuel.

Formerly Member of the House of Keys for Rushen. Carries on business as a draper in Port Erin, was returned to the Keys as a member for Rushen in 1929. Is a member of the Port Erin Commissioners, and has served on the old Rushen School Board. He takes a keen interest in Methodism at Port Erin, and is this year's President of the Isle of Man Football Association. Address: Shore Road, Port Erin.

KEWLEY, John, M.A., J,P,,

Archdeacon of the Isle of Man. B. 1st May, 1860 at Castletown. Educated at K.W.C.; Foundation Scholar and Prizeman of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge; Wrangler; M.A.; appointed Archdeacon, Surrogate, and Rector of Andreas, 1912; was ex-officio a Member of the Legislative Council from 1912 till 1919, when that body was reconstituted. Is a justice of the Peace; President of the Licensing Appeal Court; a trustee of the Manx Museum; of King William's College, etc. Has been Chairman of the Council of Education, editor of the " Manx Church Magazine," the " Diocesan Calendar," and also held various other offices in local government. Address: The Rectory, Andreas.

KITTO, Arthur Edwin, M.H.K.

Elected for North Douglas, after a contest, in 1934. B. at Foxdale in 1886. Is the third son of the late W. H. Kitto, who was manager of the Foxdale Lead Mines, and for eighteen years a Member of the House of Keys for Glenfaba. He was educated at King William's College. After serving as assistant manager to his brother, he left Foxdale in 1911 for Egypt, where he was engaged in gold mining expeditions. Early in 1915 came home to join up. He served through the war with the Royal Engineers in Palestine and was mentioned in despatches. Afterwards, in the winters of 1919-20 and 1920-21, was leader of two mining expeditions in the Sudan and Western Abyssinia. He is an Associate of the Institution of Mining and Metallurgy, For ten years previous to returning to the Island in 1933 he was engaged in mining and commercial operations at Edinburgh. Is a member of the Public Works Commission (appointed by the Governor), and was appointed by the Legislature as Member of the Council of Education, the Highway Board, and the Finance and Consultative Committee of the House of Keys. Chairman of the Douglas June Effort and Amusements Committee this year and Hon. Secretary of the local branch of Lifeboat Institution. He married, in 1919, Dorothy, second daughter of the late E. T. Kissack of Evreton. Came back to the Isle of Man about three years ago. Unsuccessfully contested a seat in 1934 in the Town Council. Is a Director of the Palace and Derby Castle Co. A brother-in-law of Deemster Cowley. Address. "Eastbourne," Woodbourne Road, Douglas.

KNEEN, John Joseph, M.A., R.I.St.O.O.

B. at Douglas, 12th September, 1873. A recognised authority on the Manx language. Past Secretary of the Manx Society; President, 1914; on Executive Committee and Vice-President since its inception in 1899; on committee of the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society' President, 1930; member of the committee of the World :Manx Association and of the Cruinnaght; member of the English Place-Name Society. Re-edited " Cregeen's Manx Dictionary " (1908); author of the " Direct Method of Teaching Manx " (1911) ; ' Place Names of the Isle of Man " (1929) ; " A Grammar of the Manx Language ' (1931); "Personal Names of the Isle of Man (1937); Writer of Manx dialect plays. In recognition of his services to Manx Literature he was made M.A. (Hon. Causa) by the Liverpool University in 1929. Created a Knight of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav (1933). Address: 3 Queen's Avenue, Douglas

KNEEN, Richard, M.H.K., J.P.

B. 1880. A fisherman by calling. President of the Manx Labour Party, 1929-30 Elected at the General Election in 1929 as a Labour membe for Rushen after having been defeated at a by-election withi; the year previous and re-elected 1934. Has been a member c the Port St. Mary Commissioners for many years; a director of the National Health Insurance Board since 1923, and is also a Member of the Highway, Harbour, and Fisheries Boards. Address: Port St. Mary.

KNEEN, Robert, M.H.K.

B. in Andreas; aged 75 For a quarter of a century has occupied public positions as member of the Parish Commissioners of Patrick, the Poor Law Guardians and Education Boards; and still serves on the Isle of Man Education Authority. He was elected to the House of Keys at a by-election in Glenfaba in 1929; and was again returned as a member in November, 1929, and in 1934. He is a Member of the Board of Agriculture, the Public Works Committee, and a member of the Agricultural Society for Marketing Schemes. Address : " Haven," Tynwald Road, Peel.

KNEEN, Thomas Henry, M.H.K.

Elected in 1929 and again in 1934, one of the Members for Michael. He is a well-known North-side farmer, a Parish Commissioner and a Poor Law Guardian for Ballaugh of very many years standing. A member of the Forestry Board, the Development Board (Town Planning), and of the Marketing Society. Address : "Ballaterson," Ballaugh.

LACE, Richard F.R.G.S.

B. at Foxdale. Said to he the first Manxman admitted to this position (F.R.G.S.). Has represented the Isle of Man Antiquarian Society three times at three congresses of the British Association; spent much time in excavations for scientific purposes and unearthed the foundations of three churches. He has taken a keen interest in the preservation of the Manx language and is a member of various societies connected with literature and art; lie has also been identified with the advance of music in the Island and in Lancashire, and is the composer of several hymn and song tunes. He is a life member of the British Association and of several scientific and other learned societies. Has been clerk to Santon Commissioners for 30 years. Address : "Park View," Nunnery, Douglas.

LaMOTHE, Frederick Malcolm, J.P.

Formerly First-Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls. Retired Nov., 1934, having reached the age limit. B. at Ramsey, 22nd November, 1864. Appointed High Bailiff of Ramsey and Peel, 1916; Second Deemster, 1921; First Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls, 1925; has acted as Deputy-Governor on six occasions.

LEVESON GOWER, Vice-Admiral the Hon. William Spencer, C.B., D.S.O.,

Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man. Appointed ist October, 1937. Born 11th July, r88o -n London. Son of the second Earl Granville; brother and heir presumptive to the third Earl. Adopting the sea for his career, he joined H.M.S. Britannia at the age of 14, and passed by successive stages 1902-1918, from Lieutenant to Captain in the Royal Navy, receiving his promotion to Rear-Admiral in 1929; and finally becoming Vice-Admiral in 1935, when he retired. Throughout the Great War he served in command of destroyers with the Grand Fleet and the Harwich force; and at the surrender of the German Fleet was in command of a Grand Fleet flotilla of destroyers. Was also present at Zeebrugge. He was mentioned in dispatches and received Russian and Greek decorations as well as British orders. In his earlier years at sea, while Lieutenant. he had many interesting experiences cruising in the Red Sea for the suppression of the Slave trade; and in putting down piracy; and also in the years after the war-1919-1921-while in command of the Mediterranean destroyer flotilla, mostly in the Black Sea. In 1903 he was the second white man to make a journey through the Yemen. From 1931-33 he was commanding officer of the coast of Scotland, and Rear-Admiral of Rosyth Dockyard. In sports and games His Excellency the new Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man has an outstanding record. He played rugger and polo in his youth, later did big game shooting; and now stalks, shoots and fishes; and plays golf and fences. In the latter sport his record is: Scottish Sabre Championship 1932; Scottish International 1931-37; British Sabre Championship finalist four times; and British International this year. Married in 19x6 Lady Rose Bowes-Lyon, second daughter of the Earl of Strathmore and sister to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Has one daughter Mary, born December, 1917; and one son Granville James, born Decernl)er, 1918. Address : Government House, Isle of Ian.

McARD, John Joseph, M.H.K.

B. at Port St. Mary 1882. Educated Douglas Grammar School. Son of late Joseph McArd, J.P., and head of the firm of J. McArd and Son, Builders, Port Erin. Elected as M.H.K. for Rustren at a bye-election in 1936 after a contest. Appointed by Tynwald a member of the Mental Hospital and Assessment Board. Ha: been a member of Publicity Board since 1922; member of Development (Town Planning) Board since its inception. Is senior member of the Port Erin Commissioners, having served for period of 28 years successively; a member of Rushen Water Board since 1920. Has carried out many private and public building contracts and is still associated with importan, business concerns, particularly in the South of the Island. He has identified himself with many causes directed towards social betterment, and takes a keen interest in Methodism. Address " Crofton." Port Erin.

MOORE, Noah, L.R.A.M.

The most outstanding figure in the musical life of the Island to-day. He has been a constant competitor at the Manx Music Festival for over thirty years. For some 24 years he was associated with the Douglas Choral Union in the various capacities of Chairman, Musical Director, Producer, and playing principal comedy parts. Hon. conductor of the Douglas Male Choristers, Manx Ladies' Choir, Douglas Festival Mixed Choir and the Manx Oratorio Choir. Has competed with success in the leading Music Festivals on the mainland, including Blackpool, London, Wallasey, Morecambe, Cheltenham. Manx Ladies' Choir broadcast from 2LO in 1924, and recently Mr. Moore conducted a successful broadcast of the Mannin Male Choir from Villa Marina, Douglas. Formerly a schoolmaster, he founded the Douglas Class Teachers' Association, and took an active part in the fight for improvement of teachers' salaries. During the war he was Hon. Secretary of Manx Disabled Soldiers' and Sailors' Fund, and in the same period he composed the music of " Guardians of the Empire." He has written for the Press, and in 1905 published a pamphlet '' Education v. Industry." Resigned the teaching profession in 1919 on his appointment as Entertainment Manager for the Douglas Corporation, including the Management of Villa Marina, which he still holds. Address : Noah Moore, Douglas.

MOORE, Ramsey Bignall, M.L.C., J.P.,

Attorney-General of the Isle of Man. B. 23rd January, 188o, at Douglas, Educated Douglas Secondary School; matriculated first class London University, January, 1897; after serving articles and then being some years partner of the late Attorney-General, was himself appointed Attorney-General, February, 1921. Public offices previously held: Member of the Douglas School Board and Higher Education Board of Eastern District, 1909-1919; Member of the House of Keys for North Douglas, 1919-1921. Is now Chairman of Old Age Pensions and Health Insurance Board ; Vice-Chairman of the Council of Education and a Trustee of King William's College; ex-president of the I.o.M. Natural History and Antiquarian Society ; Trustee of the Manx Museum. Sports: as a youth played for Gymnasium Association Football Club. Publications : " The Isle of Man and International Law " and " Revised Index of I.o.M. Statutes." In 1933 3-Mr. Moore presented the House of Keys with an illuminated Roll of Members of the Keys from the earliest times to the present day, the result of three years' research and labour. Address : Rolls Office, Douglas.

MORRIS, John William, K.C.,

Manx Judge of Appeal appointed ist October, 1937. He is the youngest to hold that position so far. He was born 13th September, 1896 and was educated at the Liverpool Institute, Trinity Hall, Cambridge where he took B.A. and Ll.B., and at Harvard Law School, Harvard University, U.S.A. He was president of Cambridge Union Society in 1919. He was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1921, and joined the Northern Circuit. Took silk in 1925. During the war he served with the Royal Welch Fusiliers in France and won the M.C. Address: Farrar's Building Temple, E.C.4. Clubs: Reform, National Liberal, and National Liberal Eighty.

NORRIS, Samuel, M.H.K.

B. in Manchester. Founder and Managing Director of the Norris Modern Press, Ltd. Has fought five contests in North Douglas for membership of the House of Keys since 1919, and four times was returned at the head of the poll as "Senior Member." Defeated by Labour by four votes in 1929, and returned again by the same constituency at bye election in 1933, by 1,390 majority, Issued at last election a " National Programme " of 14 points. Was specially identified during his first term of office with initiation of Old Age Pensions, financial control, removing private practice of AttorneyGeneral, advertising the Island, and the passing of the Married Woman's Property Act. Ten years a member and six years Chairman I.o.M. Publicity Board, of which he is now ViceChairman. He is also a member of the Old Age Pensions Board; and on the Finance and Consultative Committee of the House of Keys. Previous to entering the House he acted as Hon. Gen. Secretary and Organiser from the formation of the Manx Reform League in 1903; the War Rights Union in 1915; the Redress, Retrenchment and Reform Campaign Committee of 1916, including Petitions to the Home Secretary and the House of Commons, to remove Lord Raglan, the then Governor of the Island. Was committed to gaol by the Governor for contempt of Court. Has written voluminously on Manx affairs in the Manx and English Press. Publications: " Manxland's Home Rule Parliament " (1903) ; " Douglas, Past and Present " (1904) ; " The Manx Patriot " (1906-9) ; " The Manx Year Book," which he has edited yearly since its first issue in 1906; " Isle of Man Visitors' Enquire Within " since 1923; "Douglas weekly Diary" (Estab. 1928) of which he is Editor. Address: " Jesmond," Royal Avenue, Onchan.

PARKES, Alfred John, O.B.E., J.P., Lieut.-Com., R.N.

B. 1872. Entered the Navy in 1887 and retired in 1920. Elected in 1930 a member of the I.o.M. Central Education Authority. He is Honorary Secretary for the S.P.C.C.; Red Cross Society; and Commissioner for training Boy Scouts. He is also a member of the Douglas Lifeboat Committee and the Douglas Committee of the Ambulance Association. Acted as A.D.C. to Governor Sir Wm. Fry; held the official appointment of A.D.C. to Sir Claude Hill during his Governorship, and has again been appointed to the same position by the present Governor, Sir Montagu Butler. Address : Ballaugh.

QUALTROUGH, John James, T.C., J.P.

B. at Rushen 1863. A Member of Port St. Mary Commissioners over 40 years; Chairman several times; represented the Southern District on the Board of Advertising alternately for over 30 years; been Chairman of the Isle of Man Municipal Association. A long and outstanding association with friendly society work in Rushen, secretary of the Harbour of Peace Lodge for over 35 years, and a delegate to the A.M.C. Oddfellows on several occasions. He is chairman of the Port St. Mary Lifeboat Committee and has been a Member of the War Pensions Board since its inception. Appointed a Justice of the Peace in 1925. Address : High Street, Port St. Mary.

QUALTROUGH, Joseph Davidson, S.H.K., J.P.

B. at Castletown, June 11, 1885. Educated King William's College. Eldest son of the late Joseph Qualtrough, Receiver-General. Served in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps from 1915-1919 as Lieutenant. On his return from army service he was elected in lgig Member for Castletown, after a contest; three months later was re-elected unopposed; and in 1924, 1929 and 1934, was again returned without a contest. Was a member of deputation sent by_ the Keys in 1920 to interview the Home Secretary- as to more financial control, and is now Chairman of the Keys Finance and Con sultative Committee. Is Chairman of the Publicity Board and a Member of the Council of Education and of the Electricity Board. Appointed Speaker of the House of Keys, December, 7th, 1937. Address : Alexandra Road, Castletown

QUAYLE, Edward Christian,

a Manx Artist in Water Colours. B. in Douglas, and has been responsible for a larger number of paintings of Manx scenes than any other artist, living or dead. Studied in Liverpool under the late Tohn Finnie, and gained the Scholarship of the Lancashire County Council in December, 1891, and held same three years; studied in South Kensington and the Slade School, University College London; exhibited in Liverpool and other galleries throughout England. He has also gained several awards at the I.o.M. Fine Arts and Industrial Guild. Address : Berkeley Street, Douglas.

QUAYLE, John Edward, I.S.O.

Late Chief Clerk, Rolls Office. Is a Mus.Bac. and a member of the Union of -Musical Graduates of Great Britain; was Hon. Conductor of the Douglas Orchestral Society (now disbanded) from its birth in 1917 till 1926. Chairman of the Local Committee of Trinity College (London) and a member of the Manx Music Festival Committee; is the composer of some works for Orchestra, which on several occasions have been broadcast from North Regional and Belfast stations. Has specialised in Manx folk tunes; his pamphlet on the subject was published by the Celtic Union in 1922. Was made a Companion of the Imperial Service Order in 1929. Address : "Summerland," Brunswick Road, Douglas.

QUAYLE, Thomas Arthur, M.H.K.

B. in Patrick. Elected to the House of Keys at a by-election in :March, 1931. Returned again at General Election. Is a member of Fisheries and Forestry Boards and Harbour Commissioners. Previously had held office for twelve years as a Patrick Parish Commissioner and a member of the local Board of Guardians. Retired from farming in 1912. Address : Gorse Lea, St. John's;

QUINE, John, Canon, M.A.

Educated: King William's College, where he won a scholarship to Merton College, Oxford; graduated M.A. Was Chaplain of the House of Keys for over twenty years, and resigned in 1924. Vicar of Lonan. He has written what many people consider the best Manx novel called " The Captain of the Parish " (1897, Wm. Hieneman); In 1911 he wrote " The Isle of Man " in the Cambridge County Geography Series. He is a Member of the Antiquarian Society and has lectured and contributed to scientific journals. Address : The Vicarage, Lonan.

QUIRK, Richard Barton, M.L.C., J.P., C.P.

First entered the Legislature as a Member of the House of Keys for Glenfaba 1908; retired in 1910. Was appointed by the Governor as one of the nominated Members of the reformed Legislative Council, December, 1919, for eight years and was re-appointed in 1927; Chairman of the Government PropertyTrustees, a member of the Isle of Man Agricultural Board and the Forestry Board. Address : "Raby," Patrick.

ROBERTSON, Alexander, O.B.E., J.P.

B. at Douglas, 1864. Educated: Thomas' Street Wesleyan Day School and King William's College. Was Town Clerk of Douglas and Secretary to the Free Public Library for 32 years ; and for 8 years previous to that was Deputy Town Clerk. Retired October, 1930, when he was made a Freeman of the Borough. Started his business life in the office of Richard (afterwards Deemster) Sherwood; then for eight years in the Manx Bank. Among the many other voluntary public services of Mr. Robertson are those of joint Secretary and Treasurer of the Ellan Vannin Disaster Fund; a Member of the Isle of Man Hospital Committee; a Member of the Isle of Man War Pensions Committee; a Member of the Manx Musical Festival Association. Chairman of the I.o.M. Red Cross Society, and a Trustee and Governor of King William's College. During the war he acted on the Appeal Tribunal and as Secretary or a Member of the Committee of various organisations, including the Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association, the War Emergency Relief Committee, the Ladies' Needlework Guild, the National Thanksgiving Pete Fund, &c. , and since then the War Memorial Committee. Carnivals and jubilee and other celebrations have claimed and received his voluntary services. He has published many valuable reports on municipal enterprises connected with the town. He is a director of the I.o.M. Steam Packet Co., and a Trustee of the I.o.M. Bank for Savings. Was given the O.B.E. in 1929. Address: "' Struan," Quarterbridge Road, Douglas.

SARGEAUNT, Bertram Edward, M.V.O., O.B.E., F.S.A..

Government Secretary and Treasurer of the Isle of Man. Appointed to present position 1st July, 1910. Born 4th December 1877, at Saltwood, Kent. Son of the late Captain F. A. Sargeaunt, R.N., and Alice Caroline, sister of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Fisher of Kilverstone, G.C.B., O.M. Married Kathleen Hamilton, elder daughter of the late Robert Thorne-will of Craythorne, Burton-on-Trent. Educated Bedford School. Assistant Curator of the Royal United Service Museum, White hall, 1899-1910. Author of " Weapons," " The Royal Monmouthshire Militia," and " The Isle of Man and the Great War." First editor of the journal of the Manx Museum. Contributor to various journals and magazines. Has written extensively on musical subjects and produced several musical works. Is the Local Representative of the Royal Schools of Music (London) and a Trustee of the Manx 'Museum. Late Captain 12th London Regiment. Address : Government Office, Douglas.

SHEARD, Alan Mylchreest.

Secretary and Manager Isle of Man Railway and Isle of Man Road Services. B. 1891 at Peel. After holding position of accountant and chief assistant, he was appointed manager in 1927. Served in France in the Royal Engineers from 1915 to 1918. He organised the " Blue Bus " Services which were introduced in 1928 and which absorbed the " Manxland " and Manx Motor Bus Services, and are now combined in I.o.M. Road Services. Address. Isle of Man Railway, Douglas.

SHIMMIN, Marion (Mrs.), M.H.K.

B. in Manchester, where she followed the profession of a School teacher and obtained L.R.A.M. certificate. Mrs. Shimmin is best known in the Isle of Man as the first woman to be elected to the House of Keys. She succeeded her husband, the late C. R. Shimmin, in February, 1933, and was returned unopposed in the November, 1934, general election. Has been appointed by the Tynwald Court as a Member of the Council of Education, the Old Age Pensions Board and a Trustee of the Manx Museum. Before her election to the Keys she assisted her husband in many fights for Labour representation on public bodies, and was President of the Peel Branch of the British Women's Temperance Society, from 1919 to 1931. Address: 23 Mona Street, Peel.

SKILLICORN, James Henry, T.C.,

was Mayor of Douglas for 1934 and 1935 B. at Knockaloe Moar, Patrick, Isle of Man. He joined the Douglas Town Council in 1921, and was made an Alderman in 1934 He has been Chairman of the Water Committee for several years, and at present is a Member of the Finance, Water, Tramways, Amusements, and Housing Committees, has been Chairman of the Car Race Committee for the past three years, and has been re-elected this year; and some special committees of the Council. He has held high office in local Freemasonry, and is a Director of the Freemasons' Hall, Ltd.. In business is a wholesale grocer, being a partner in the Isle of Man Produce Co. Address " Aldersyde," Selbourne Drive, Douglas.

SOUTHWARD, William Charles, M.L.C., J.P., C.P.

Elected to the House of Keys for Ayre, 1913; re-elected 1919, and then appointed by the House as one of the first elected Members of the Legislative Council; re-elected for a further term in 1931- Chairman of the Isle of Man Highway Board and the Forestry Board since January, 1920; Chairman of the Northern Water Board; and a Member of the Public Works Commission. Captain of the Parish of Lezayre. Address: Cooilbane House, Sulby.

STENNING, Ernest Henry, (Rev.) M.A. Cantab, T.D.

B. Shermanbury, Sussex, January, 1885. Scholar of Downing College. Senior Science Master and Chaplain of King Wilham's College since 1911, in which year he founded the K.W.C. O.T.C. and was commanding officer from 1914 to 1926. He has taken a great interest in Biology, Photography and Music, and also in motoring events in the Island. He has been president of the Manx Motor Cycle Club since 1921, a steward of the A.C.U. T.T. Race since 1925, and of the September T.T. Races from their inauguration to the present time. Is a past president of the Manx Antiquarian Society and leader of the Geological and Photographic sections. He founded the medical side of KW .C, one of the first schools to take University 1st M.B. from School. A good " Sport " himself. Mr.S:tenning took the College Cricket Colours for 1908-9. He has written for various scientific and photographic papers, but his present hobby is foreign motor tours-a fine hobby too ! Address: The Junior House, King William's College, Isle of Man.

TEARE, Daniel Joughin, M.H.K., C.P., J.P.,

son of a former Member of the House of Keys. 13. November 1873. Elected for Ayre, 1919, re-elected 1924, 1929 and 1934. Captain of the Parish of Bride. Has served four years as Chairman of the Bride Parish Commissioners, and as a Member of the Poor Law Guardians, etc. Is a member of the Board of Agriculture, the Highway Board, the Harbour Board, the Key's Finance and Consultative Committee. Address : St. Bridget's, The Vollan, Lezayre.

TEARE, Alfred James, M.H.K., T.C., J.P.

B. at Barrow-in-Furness in 1879, of Manx parentage. Isle of Man Organising Secretary of the Workers' Union from 1917 to 1935 Chairman of the Bread Strike Committee of 1918; appointed the first working-man justice of the Peace, 1919; elected to the House of Keys for South Douglas as a Labour Member at 1919 General Election and returned again 1924, 1929 and 1934. A member of the Keys' Finance and Consultative Committee, the Public Works Commission, the Isle 0f Man Publicity Board, the Local Government Board, the Douglas and District Licensing Court, the Douglas Town Council, and the Douglas Poor Law Guardians. Member of Governor's commission inquiring into problem of Unemployment. Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Committee to the Government on the Demobilization of Soldiers and the Labour Exchange from 1918 until its close. Has held office of Treasurer and Chairman of the Manx Labour Party which, in its present form, he was mainly responsible for organising. Address Reayrt-ny-Howe," Brae Hill, Douglas.

WILSON, S. E., M.A. (Cantab).

Principal of King William's College; appointed 1935. Mr. Wilson was educated at Christ's Hospital, where he was Senior Grecian, which corresponds to K.W.C. Head of the School. He also played in the XV and XI. In 1916 he was elected to a Major Scholarship at Trinity College, Cambridge, but owing to two years' war service in France with the Royal Garrison Artillery, he did not go up till 1919. He gained first-class honours in the first part of the Mathematical Tripos, and he was a Wrangler in the second part. He also played for Trinity First XV. From Cambridge he went as Sixth Form Mathematical Master to Blundell's School, Tiverton, and while there captained the Tiverton R.U.F.C. for two seasons. From 1930-35 he was headmaster of Burton-on-Trent Grammar School. Address: King William's College, Castletown.

YOUNG, John William, Major, O.B.E.

Chief Constable of the Isle of Man; appointed 1st October, 1936, for 12 years, without pension. Major Young was born at Whitehaven and is a retired Major in the Indian Arms- (l0th Gurkhas). He served in the Border Regiment from August, 1914, and was Captain and Adjutant in the Middlesex Regiment from August, 1915. Served in France from October, 1915 to March, 1917 ; went to India in 1917 and served in the Afghan War, 1919 ; served in the Burma Military Police 1922-1928 ; and was engaged on active military duty in the Bengal from 1930 to 1936. Has written a History of the Burma Military Police, and a Manual on jungle Warfare. Sports: Keen hockey and Rugby football player in his youth. Address: " Oakleigh," Glencrutchery Road, Douglas.


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