[from Collected Works, T.E.Brown]


SING, Zephyr, sing',
Shed from your dusky wing
The violets.
Make music with your golden frets —
Sing, Zephyr, sing !

Sigh, Zephyr, sigh !
Give passion to the sky!
The tawny south
Has no such odorous mouth —
Sigh, zephyr, sigh !

Sue, Zephyr, sue !
Bring earth the sunny blue,
The pearly mist
With new-born love-fire kissed —
Sue, Zephyr, sue!

Sip, Zephyr, sip!
The primrose lends her lip,
The crocus thrills,
Love hides among the daffodils —
Sip, Zephyr, sip!

Seek, Zephyr, seek
The vermeil of my lady's cheek !
So seeking, sipping, suing, sighing, singing,
While old Time his flight is winging,
Tell her to be
Most kind to me.


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