[from Collected Works, T.E.Brown]


THREE kings from out the Orient
For Judah's land were fairly bent,
To find the Lord of grace ;
And as they journeyed pleasantlie,
A star kept shining in the sky,
To guide them to the place.
" O Star," they cried, "by all confest
Withouten dreed, the loveliest !"

The first was Melchior to see,
The emperour hight of Arabye,
An aged man, I trow
He sat upon a rouncy bold,
Had taken of the red red gold,
The babe for to endow. " O Star," he cried. . . .

The next was Gaspar, young and gay,
That held the realm of far Cathay—
Our Jesus drew him thence—
Yclad in silk from head to heel,
He rode upon a high tameel,
And bare the frankincense. " O Star," he cried. . . .

The last was dusky Balthasar,
That rode upon a dromedar-His coat was of the fur.
Dark-browed he came from Samarkand,
The Christ to seek, and in his hand
Upheld the bleeding myrrh.
" O Star," he cried, "by all confest
Withouten dreed, the loveliest."


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