[from Collected Works, T.E.Brown]


Aw, Billy, good sowl ! don’t cuss ! don’t cuss!
Ye see, these angels is grand to nuss;
And it’s lek they’re feedin’ them on some nice air,
Or dew or the lek, that’s handy there,
O Billy, look at my poor poor bress
O Billy, see the full it is
But . . . O my God ! . . . but navar mind!
There’s no doubt them sperrits is very kind—
And of coorse they’re that beautiful it’s lekly
The childher is takin to them directly—
Eh, Billy, eh ? . . . And . . . O my head!
Billy, Billy, come to bed ! . .
And the little things that navar knew sin—
And everything as nate as a pin:
And the lovely bells goin’ ding-a-lingin’—
And of coorse we’ve allis heard of their singin’.
But won’t he want me when he’ll be wakin’?
Will they take him up when he’s wantin’ takin’?
I hope he’ll not be left in the dark—
He was allis used to make a wark
If a body ‘d lave him the smallest minute—
Dear me ! the little linnet—
But I forgot—it’s allis light
In yandhar place . . . All right ! all right!
1 forgot, ye see, . . . I’m not very well . .
Light, was I sayin’ ? but who can tell?
Bad for the eyes, though . . . but a little curtain
On a string, ye know—aw certain ! certain!
Let me feel your face, Billy ! Jus’ us two!
Aw, Billy, the sorry I am for you!
Aw ‘deed it is, Billy,—very disthressin’
To lave your childher to another pessin—
But . . . all the little rooms that’s theer—
And Jesus walkin’ up the steer,
And tappin’ lek—I see ! I see !—
O Jesus Christ, have pity on me!
But He’ll come, He’ll come ! He’ll give a look
Jus’ to see the care that’s took—
O ! there’s no doubt He’s very gud—
O, I think He wud, I think He wud
But still . . . but still . . . but I don’t know . .
O Billy ! I think I’d like to go—
What’s that, Billy ? did ye hear a cry ?
O Illiam, the sweet it ‘d be to die!


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