[Works of John Stowell + note by R.J.Moore]

Lines written at the Celebration of a Wedding day

Sung to the tune of "God save the King"

[No date - but evidently about April 1795]


Jove sends his blessings down
This joyous day to crown;
Hail happy Pair !
Fill up the gen'rous wine,
Let our joys be divine,
Hymen himself shall join,
Hail happy Pair !


May each revolving year -
These golden moments bear,
Devoid of care;
Long may ye live to prove
The sweets of virtuous love,
While Cherubs sing above,
Hail happy Pair!


So sweet Contentments' ray,
Smiling she seems to say
"I could dwell here"
Keep the fair Guest my Friends !
Till time his journey ends,
She'll make you full amends;
Hail happy Pair !

 John Stowell


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