[Works of John Stowell + note by R.J.Moore]

A Sallad
of the
Ladies & Gentlemen

Raised by
Tom the Gardener.
Price four-pence a bunch.)
Printed in the year 1790.

No date or printer. pp. 20. 190x135.

The Packet's come, I'll lay my life upon it
I know by Laura's strange new-fashion'd bonnet.
Her cloaths are all exactly in the ton ;
Could no one shew her how to put them on?

'Tis true, she's grand, and pity 'tis 'tis true,
Such grandeur should be lost on a Yahoo.
'Tis not the pow'r of dress or artful stays,

Can make an awkward low-bred dowdy please,
Tho' deck'd with diamonds, bright as Chloe's eyes,
Yet still we see 'tis Laura in disguise.

Ask not from whence lily little Daphne came ;
A gay coquette is every way the same

Marks born, Manks bred, Manks made, Manks fed,
Manks taught ;

She's Manks in every thing but what she ought.
Pray what is that? In modesty and sense
Virtues, alas ! too long departed hence.

Daphne would fain disown from whence she sprung,
Altho' the herring scales are on her tongue.

 John Stowell


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