[Works of John Stowell + note by R.J.Moore]

Inscribed to the Memory of
Mr Humphrey Christian

late of
Douglas, Isle of Mann,
who died in Africa
Anno Domini 1790, AEtatis 23

His Saltem accumulem donis, et fungarinaui Munere - Virg:

[note part of final page torn so that end of lines are missing]


To some lone cell my wounded soul repairs
Where Melancholy holds her silent reign
Where no unfeeling mirth derides my tears
Nor cruel malice triumphs o'er my pain.


Let the gay sport on life's fantastic seas,
Let Fancy charm them with her painted scene,
Let pleasure's flowers invite a heart at ease,
They mock the wretch who wears a Crown within.


Oh! much-lov'd hapless Friend ! in pride of yoputh
Like some green oak sapp'd by the wintry gale
Thou ly'st to teach the young this mournful truth,
Terrestrial pleasure's but "an Ideots' tale".


Why did I trust the Syren's tempting tongue
And hang enchanted on her melting strain ?
Why was I chained with her delusive song
To dream of rapture, and awake to pain ?


How oft at Friendship's soft endearing name,
My heart was ravish'd with the pleasing sound
How soon awaken'd from the fleeting dream
I look, - and find a wilderness around.


Ah me! unheeded in a foreign?
'Mong strangers unlamented low .
In vain he foundly promis'd to ..
Once more to bless a Mother's longing ..


Hard fated Parent ! Douglas ..
Unworthy of thy destiny severe
Thy loss in every countenance..
Thy grief, in many a sympath..


O Pity ! gentle sorther of ..
In liberal portions let thy..
Heal her true heart until ..
That Virtue's still the fav..

 John Stowell


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