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Most humbly addressed to her Grace the Duchess of Athol.

dated Peel, 27th April, 1796.

Broadside. 215x130.

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These lines were printed in large type on a quarto Broadside, and freely circulated. In the M.S. of Mr Stowell's Poems by his Brother and Biographer, the following words appear as an addition to the heading of the Address "On her first visit to the Isle of Man". This addition was not however printed.

His Grace John, 4th Duke of Atholl (who was born 30th June 1755) was twice married - 1st on the 26th December 1774 (then only in his twentieth year) to Jane, eldest daughter of Charles, 9th Lord Calcart, by whom he had nine children. She died 4th September 1790 . -

Second, on the 11th March 1794, to Margery, eldest daughter of James, 16th Lord Forbes, relict of John McKenzie, Lord Macleod, eldest son of George, 3rd Earl of Cromartie (who had forfeited his title by joining the rebellion in 1745) - by whom he had two children.

Margery, Duchess of Atholl had married Lord Macleod in 1786, when very young - and she was consequently, as the author says "in the bloom of her life" when she, as Duchess of Atholl, visited the Island in April 1796.

She died 4th October 1842 having survived the Duke about twelve years (he having died 29th September 1830) See Debrett's and also Burke's Peerages.

It is not unworthy of note that the Rev Joseph Stowell, the Brother of the subject of these memoirs also wrote some verses addressed to Her Grace the Duchess of Atholl.

In 1821 the revd Hugh Stowell published "Memoirs of the Rev Joseph Stowell" - and at page 111 says - "the only specimen of his poetry which remains is 'A Copy of Verses addressed to the Duchess of Atholl on her first visit to the Isle of Mann'. The Rev Henry Corlett, of Peel, who presented her Grace with the verses, reported that she perused them with lively emotions, and expressed the pleasure which she received from the perusal, with tears of sensibility glistening in her eyes."

The Verses are then given but no date is attached -

Assuming however that both addresses were written in celebration of the same event, namely, the first visit of the Duchess to the Island - the date subjoined to the above lines, - 27 April 1796, will doubtless be correct.

As the "Memoirs of the Rev Joseph Stowell" is a very scarce work, it has occurred to the editor [i.e. R J Moore] that a few extracts from it might not be uninteresting. He therefore proposes to add such , together with a copy of the address to the Duchess of Atholl above referred to; in the appendix to this volume.


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