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Address to His Grace the Duke of Atholl
July 1793


Welcome is Summer's glad return,
When Nature all her beauties yields;
Sweet are the banks along the bourne,
And sweet the verdure of the fields;
But more delighted Mona's Eye
Beholds the bank upon the main,
That seems with Canvass wings to fly,
And brings kind ATHOLL to his Mann again.

Isle of Man


The following paragraph appeared in the "Mercury" of the 9th July 1793.

"Arrival of His Grace the Duke of Atholl.

On Sunday Evening, about half past six o'clock, His Grace the Duke of Atholl arrived at Peel-town, in the "Royal George", Revenue Cutter, Captain Crawford. On his Grace's leaving the cutter, he was saluted with 11 guns; and on his landing, he was saluted from the battery on shore *. Owing to the fineness of the evening, the report of the cannon had a very pleasing effect among the hills near this town; and tho' at so very considerable a distance, every gun was heard distinctly. His Grace was welcomed by all the principal inhabitants of the place; and after staying a short time to refresh himself, he set off for Port-e-chee, accompanied by several of his friends, where he arrived about 11 o'clock.

It is more than probable that Mr Stowell was one of those who met and welcomed the Duke upon his arrival. And it is evident that he at once wrote off the above lines as they appeared in the paper as the account of the Duke's landing at Peel

*At this time a very rude battery stood on the beach at Peel a little beyond the Green . No trace of its site is now discernible - I believe it was merely an earthwork.

 John Stowell


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