[Works of John Stowell + note by R.J.Moore]

Lines written by a Lady
Mr Stowell
on reading some of his Poems.

Tho' absent from the land I love,
With heart-felt pride I hear thy lays,
Thy polished song,as far above
My imitation, as my praise.

With joy I see the tuneful mine
From Mount Parnassus gaily roam;
And deign t'inspire such verse as thine,
On Mona's Hills, my native home.

Sing on sweet Bard ! long may'st thou live
To ornament our happy land !
For thy reward may Fortune give
Fair L___'s heart and hand.


Cork July 10th 1796


These linees, signed "B.C." were written by Miss Barbara Corlett - youngest daughter of the Reverend Henry Corlett, who was Vicar of German for a period of 40 years (from 1761 to 1801). This accomplished lady entered into the family of a Gentleman residing in, or near, Cork, as a Governess to his daughters.

She became such a favourite, and was so highly appreciated, that after the young ladies who had been under her charge had completed their education, the family would not hear of her leaving them. The consequence was she spent her life with the family, and was moreover handsomely provided for by them.

She only died about 20 years ago [?1850 - notes written c.1870 ?]. Her eldest and only other sister married Mr Henry Gell of Peel, the father of the Reverend William Gill, the late venerable and respected Vicar of Malew and of the late Captains John Gell and Henry Gell of Douglas.

The words in the last line of the verses "Fair L___'s heart and hand" had reference to a young lady in Peel, an early friend and companion of the writer, who bore the name of Leonora - and to whom it was said Mr S. paid much attention.

 John Stowell


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