[Taken from The Manx Church Magazine Vol v #1 Jan 1895 p iii]



Died 13th December, 1894.

The diocese has lost one of the most respected of. the clergy by the death of Rev C. T. Langlon, rector of Bride and Rural Dean of Ramsey. Mr Langton came to the island many years ago in the first instance for reasons of health. As a layman he was ready to help in every good work, especially in the Parish of Braddan in which he lived. After some years’ residence in Baldwin he was ordained Deacon by Bishop Powys in 1869, and he undertook the Chaplaincy of S. Luke’s. There he remained for 12 years, working among the people quietly and steadily, identifying himself with all their concerns, sharing their troubles and earning their confidence and respect. From 1869 to 1877 he also acted as Chaplain to Bishop Powys. He was ordainad Priest by Bishop Hill, 21st December, 1877. In 1880 he was instituted to the living of Arbory, which had become vacant by the resignation of Rev F. Grier ; and there he lived and worked in the same quiet way for 11 years. Considerable improvements were carried out in the Parish Church through his exertions, and the small Chapel of Ease at Colby was fitted up and used by him for Divine service. In 1890 Mr Langton became Rector of Bride, and two years ago he was appointed Rural Dean of Ramsey. For some time past his friends had noticed a failure in his strength and vigour, but his death was unexpected, and it came as a sad shock to all of us. This is but a brief and bald record of a life that for 25 years has been devoted to the service of God in the Manx Church. There was no seeking for applause, and no unworthy fear of man, in Mr Langton’s work ; he was quiet and consistent, always courteous, sympathetic and helpful. To his parishioners at Baldwin, Arbory, and Bride, he has left a memory that they will not soon forget ; and for his fellow clergy in the diocese he has set an example of " patient continuance in well doing," which in this age of hurry and noise it will be well to take to heart.



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