[Taken from The Manx Church Magazine Vol v #4 April 1895 p iii]


The Rev R. G. Brearey was a Manxman by birth, and a devoted clergyman in this diocese - for seven years, so that we had come to consider him as belong to the Manx Church, and his visits to his native isle, amongst old friends, were always most welcome. The news of his death on the 14th March came as a great shock to all of us ; and if sympathy can lessen grief those mourning ones he has left have the comfort of remembering that numbers who knew him share their sorrow. Mr Brearey took his degree of B.A. from Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, in 1875, proceeding to M.A. in 1879. In 1874 he was ordained Deacon by the Bishop of Chester acting for the Bishop of Sodor and Mann, and in 1876 he was ordained Priest by the Bishop of Carlisle, also acting for the Bishop of this diocese. The present Archdeacon gate him a title in 1874, and he was Curate of Malew until 1879, when he became Chaplain of Laxey, remaining there, however, only two years, as in 1881 he was offered and accepted the post of Chaplain to H.M. Reformatory ship " Akbar" ; undertaking also the work of Emigration Chaplain in the Mersey under the S. P.C.K. These responsible and difficult duties he performed with tact and patience and zeal up to the time of his death. On the Mersey he will be greatly missed ; and, although it is fourteen years since he left Laxey, yet both there and in Malew he is still remembered by many with affection and respect.

Archdeacon Gill writes :— I have to thank the Editors for the opportunity of adding a few words to the obituary notice of our dear friend Mr Brearey, in the next number of the Manx Church Magazine.

I have known him long and intimately, and I may say with truth that it has seldom been my privilege to meet with a more loving and lovable character. During the five years he served with me in Malew, " as a son with a father," he never spared himself where any good work was to be done ; and by his sincere but unostentatious piety, byhis ready sympathy with the sick and afflicted, by his zealous efforts to relieve poverty, and by his never-failing geniality and unselfishness, he so won the hearts of the parishioners that, when thy approaching resignation was announed there was a very general expression of hope that he might be the new Vicar. But other preferment awaited him in the providence of God ; and, by a mysterious coincidence, on the very day that the Vicarage of Malew became vacant, he was called up higher, and passed to his rest and his reward.

In his excellent wife Mr Brearey has had a help mate. In everything connected with the welfare of the poor friendless lads on board the " Akbar " she has taken a deep personal interest ; and I shall never forget the looks of unmistakeable affection which followed her, as, on a recent Sunday morning, I passed with her and her husband from deck to deck, and the touching welcome which greeted her visit to the sick ward.

May God support and comfort her in her sore bereavement !


[Born 1849 - also noted as secretary of an embryo Natural History and Antiquarian Soc]



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