Thomas Alexander Unsworth, c.1818-1890

Cubbon gives only a brief mention - became part owner of the "Mona's Herald" company in 1885 until his death aged 71 on 1 July 1890 (buried 3 July 1890 at Braddan). Described as a cousin of John Christian Fargher (son of Robert Fargher) - in 1881 census describes himself as Printer/Compositor which agrees with Cubbon's statement that he originally worked in the Sun printing office.

A report of his funeral was carried in Mona's Herald, 9 July 1890 - no background given other than he was a strong Wesleyan Methodist (chapel steward, class leader at Well-road chapel), a total abstainer for more than 50 years - death sudden but had previously had a couple of attacks (? heart attack ) - his will merely leaves all to his daughter Catherine Ann as executor

The 1881 census birth place given as England. The IGI gives a marriage to Margaret Radcliffe (b. Lonan) at Braddan on 1 July 1848, with a son George William christened 6 May 1849 also at Braddan; no further children appear in the IGI. Appears in 1860's guides as running a Lodging House (a common sideline for printers it would seem) at 16 Buck's Road, Douglas.

Children (from Census info)

George William 1849 - alive 1861
Margaret Jane 1851- alive 1861
Catherine, 1853, (d. unm bur Braddan 17 Mar 1928 aged 74)
Robert Alan, 1856
Thomas Arthur, 1858 (Thomas Archer buried Douglas Cemetery 1924 aged 66)
Walter R, son,1859 (Walker Radcliffe Unsworth aged 2 buried at Braddan 30 April 1861)
John J, 1861

His son Thomas, became a well known baker and confectioner in Douglas; two of his other sons emigrated to North America, one to Canada and one to the US.



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