W. & M. Sheperd

 W. Sheperd produced the first known item printed on thr Island - 'Sceeuyn Paul yn Ostyl gys ny Romanee' (Epistle of Paul to the Romans though it actually contains Romans to Relevations of the New Testament) - imprint Prentyt ayns Mannyng liorish W. Sheperd, 1767. This part of the New Testatment was part of Bishop Hildesley's Manx translation published with assistance from the S.P.C.K. - (see Memoirs of Bishop Hildesley p223 ) and was in fact the only part printed on the Island, the remainder being done at Whitehaven..

According to Cubbon Sheperd was from Whitehaven and although the family had resided in Douglas before 1766, they moved to Ramsey around this time.

Daniel Cowley of Kirk Michael was apprenticed to Sheperd after being educated by Bishop Hildesley - in 1814 he translated into Manx 'Aght ghaire dy heet gys tushtey jeh'n Chredjue Chreestee'.

In 1769 a M. Sheperd succeeded at the Ramsey press - it is not certain that he was the son though certainly a relative. He produced several works in Manx including a fine version of the Book of Common Prayer (in Manx) and Lewis's Catechism, also in Manx.




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