Matthew Glover, 1833-1878

Came from Wakefield,Yorkshire; served appenticeship with Mary Quiggin. Married Isabella Kaye, sister of Joseph Kaye. According to Cubbon also relative of Mary Quiggin (nee Gawne).

Seemed to take over from M Quiggin; Cubbon quotes start date ?1860 and termination date of printing of 1896 (?). The first of his guides was 1862 (reprint of Quiggin) - last edition 1878.

Buried Old Kirk Braddan, died 2 June 1878, in his 44th year. For some reason not in either 1861 or 1871 censuses.


W. Cubbon Bibliography of works relating to the Isle of Man Vol II section L4 Douglas:1939

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