Robert Heywood Johnson, 1819-1871

Eldest son of George Johnson (Tide Surveyor) and Charlotte Heywood; married Isabella Heywood on May 2 1843. Six children of whom two continued the family printing business. Following his death his widow Isabella continued the business until 1881 after which taken up by son George II. George Johnson II was particularly praised by Cubbon for the fine printing done for Moore's Manx Note Book.

Son Frank J. was Registrar of Deeds

Printing establishment originally at 2, Gt Nelson Street, then from c.1856 Prospect Hill (opp Athol St).


1843-53 The General Advertising Circular
1853 - The Weekly Advertising Circular (run in opposition to above following a disgreement between owners and printer)

1847 - Bluett Advocate's Note Book


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