J Kerruish

Cubbon summarises him as:

Kerruish was not a letterpress printer. He was for long while a bookseller, and he published some important prints. His visitors guide-book was issued in 1849.

The early address was 38, Duke Street..

A D. Kerruish is first noted in March 1848 when he announces that he has taken over the shop, at 40 Duke Street, lately occupied by O'Brien and that he has acquired the the Circulating Library and is awaiting alterations to be made in his new premises, in 1852 an H Kerruish is noted as having a bookshop and running a circulating library at the same address. I suspect, but currently have no proof, that these are brothers Hugh and Daniel Kerruish - Hugh is noted as a Tailor and Draper in 1837, one of his apprentices, Thomas Callister, became a Mormon and left an account of his time with the Kerruishes. Hugh was obviously go-ahead, being an early adopter of gas-lighting for his shop. From census information he would appear to be born in 1806 but I cannot find any baptism on the Island - he appears to be missing from the 1861 census, in the 1881 census he is a widower and inmate of the House of Industry so had obviously fallen on hard times. His marriage to Sarah Lee (born c.1806) is noted at Braddan, 13 Oct 1838; three children are noted as baptised at St Mathw's Robert 1841, Elizabeth, 1844 and Sarah Eleanor 1847 - interestingly all baptised on 25 Dec! Thomas Callister states that Daniel, who had worked in London, left his brother c.1840, to set up shop 'in a town 10 miles distant' - this was most likely Ramsey though this is nearer 20 miles rather than Castletown or Peel which would fit the distance. The major problem is that the only Daniel in the 1841 census is a 20 year old (probably 17 as ages rounded and is aged 27 in 1851 census, noted as tailor in College Street Ramsey, - some confusion over birthplace, in 1851 Peel, in 1861 Maughold) - which is rather young to be a foreman of the shop.

The 1849 guide is "A Hand Book for Visitors" Douglas: H & D Kerruish, 1849 pp 148 - Cubbon identifies some 3 editions, the later ones were edited by Thomas Booth - my copy is dated 1855 and entitled "Kerruish's New Illustrated Guide to the Isle of Man", published by Kerruish and Kneale, 38 Duke Street, the map has imprint 'H&D Kerruish, Douglas', though the few copperplate engravings have the imprint 'H.Kerruish, Douglas'. An advertisement within the guide gives the address of Kerruish & Kneale as 39 Duke street, noting that they offer a judicious selection of works of standard literature, illustrated note paper and view cards as well as a public newsroom and circulating library.

Who J. Kerruish was I am also unsure as well as his relationship to H. or D. Kerrish., he did not appear in the 1861 or 1863 directories - William Kneale occupied a bookshop at 37 Duke Street which was probably the same shop.

I'm am not sure quite what important prints Cubbon is referring to - the guidebook is well illustrated by woodblocks - the three plates in my 'shilling edition' are good but not exceptionable; the 2s 6d Extra Edition indicates 5 additional plates.



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