John Beatson, 1770-1814

According to Cubbon the first appearance of John Beatson as a printer is in 1812 when he printed a selection of Hymns and Anthems for St Mary's Castletown.

Cubbon also states that he was brother in law to James Harrop of the Manchester Mercury; Cubbon also quotes a marriage on 22 Dec 1807, at St Georges Douglas to Isabella Brew. He died on 4th July 1814.

In 1812 he started the Gazette, in 1813 George Copeland's name also appears in the imprint although Beatson and Copeland had been in partnership as bankers from 1811 as they issued both tokens (the 'Atlas' Manks Bank Token [see Clay Currency chap5 pp] and then a little card money payable at Jno Beatson's Wine and Liquor Store Douglas.


Isle of Man Weekly Gazette and General Advertiser 1812-1814



W. Cubbon Bibliography of works relating to the Isle of Man Vol II section L4 Douglas:1939

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