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Direct Rule.

1333-1344. William de Montacute I. (First Earl of Salisbury).
1344-1392. William de Montacute II. (Second Earl of Salisbury).
1392-1399. William le Scroop (Earl of Wiltshire).

English Suzerainty.

1399-1405. Henry de Percy (Earl of Northumberland).

The Stanleys.

1405-1414. John I. (Knight).
1414-1432. John II. (Knight).
1432-1460. Thomas I. (Baron).
1460-1504. Thomas II. (First Earl).
1504-1521. Thomas III. (Second Earl).
1521-1572. Edward (Third Earl).
1572-1593. Henry (Fourth Earl).
1593-1594. Ferdinando (Fifth Earl).

English Rule,:

1594-1603. Elizabeth.
1603-1607. James I.

English Suzerainty.

1607-1610 Henry (Earl of Northampton)./ Robert (Earl of Salisbury)

The Stanleys (restored).

1610-1627. William I. (Sixth Earl) and Elizabeth
1627-1651. James I. (Seventh Earl).

1651 (November)-1652 (February). The Commonwealth.
1652-1660. Lord Fairfax. Under the Commonwealth

The Stanleys (restored).

1660 1672. Charles (Eighth Earl).
1672-1702. William II. (Ninth Earl).
1702-1736. James II. (Tenth Earl).

The Atholls.

1736-1764. James III. (Second Duke).
1764-1765. John III. (Third Duke) and Charlotte

from 1765 correspond to British Crown

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