Libri Irrotulamentorum

Libri Irrotulamentorum lists the dates of the commissions of various officials (their actual oaths of office are in Libri Juramentorum) entries date from 1594. The following summary was given to me by Ros Stott - however the presentation and any errors are my own.

Several of the Job Functions are covered elsewhere; the various Garrisons are also covered elsewhere


Common signatures

JM John Murray, Governor
CS Charles Stanley
DM Danial Mylrea
AS Allen Stanley
WC William Christian
JQ John Quayle
BC Basil Cochrane, Governor
JT John Taubman
PL Patrick Lindesay, Governor
DL Daniel Lace
JF John Frissell
JQU John Quillin
PJH P J Heywood
AS Allen Stanley
JW John Wood, Governor
CM Charles Moor


ANP "Additional Notary Publick"
ASr Assistant Searcher
ADm Asst Deemster
Ad Archdeacon
AdO Archdeacon's Official
AdR Archdeacon's Registrar
AG Attorney General
B Bishop
BR Bishop's Registrar
C Comptroller
Cbl Constable
CCD Collector of Customs Duties [?]
CoG Constable of the Garrison
Coll Collector, Collector of Customs,
Coll-C&D Collector of Customs and Dutyes
Comm Commander
CoG Commander of the Garrison
CoR Clerk of the Rolls
CoRev Commissioner of Revenue
Cpt Captain
Cus Customer [ie one who collects customs]
Dm Deemster
D-AG Deputy Attorney General
D-BR Deputy Bishop's Registrar
D-C Dep Controller
D-Cbl Deputy Constable
D-CoG Deputy Constable of the Garrison
D-Coll-C&D Deputy Collector of Customs and Dutyes
D-Comm Deputy Commander
D-CoR Deputy Clerk of the Rolls
D-Dm Deputy Deemster
D-ER Deputy Episcopal Registrar
D-Gov Deputy Governor
d-gr deputy gunner
dr drummer
D-RG Deputy Receiver-General
D-SADG Deputy Steward of the Abbeylands Demesnes & Garrisons
d-sol deputy soldier
D-Sr Deputy Searcher
D-WB Deputy Water Bailiff
ens ensign
ER Episcopal Registrar
Gov Governor
gr gunner
Gt Gent
HG His Grace
KCI Keeper of the Calf Isle
Lt lieutenant
MG "Majr. Genll of the Forces within this Isle"
"Major General of all the Companies and Forts
OL(1) "Overseer of Labourers & Boon men
employed in and about Demesnes and Garrisons"
OL(2) "Overseer of Boon Men,
work men & labourers empl in HG's service."
ptr porter
RG Receiver-General
S Steward
SADG Steward of the Abbeylands Demesnes & Garrisons
SAHG Steward of the Abbeylands, Houses & Garrisons
SAG Steward of Abbeylands & Garrisons
SAL Steward of the Abbeylands
SDG Steward of the Demesnes & Garrisons
serv servant
SG Steward of Garrisons
SHGD Steward of the Houses, Garrisons & Demesnes
SM Steward of the Mines
sol soldier
Steward D&G Steward of the Demesnes and Garrisons
VC Vicar General
WB Water Bailiff


CR Castle Rushen
CRG Castle Rushen Garrison
Ctn Castletown
DbF Derby Fort
DF Douglas Fort
Dg Douglas
Dh Derbyhaven
Eng England
Pl Peel
PC Peel Castle
PG Peel Garrison
Ram Ramsay
RF Ramsay Fort


aaop "and all other ports within the district thereof"
bbm "by and before me"
da during his abs from this Isle
dai during absence in
dao during absence of dep deputation
dpi "during... present indisposition"
dv during the vacancy
Exchequ. "at an Exchequor Court"
go general oath
iao in the absence of
icw in conjunction with
ipo in place of
jnt joint
oti "out of this Isle"
pa power of attorney
paf pursuant to authority from
pHGo "pursuant to His Grace's orders"
ret retired
sat "sworn to assist the"
sn [special naturalization ?]
spec dir "on Spec Directions from the Lord"
ta to assist
uhso under hand and seal of
un under
warr warrant
wc "with...Consent of...husband..."


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