Members of the Manx Bar

Bishop Wilson writing c.1720 says

In all the courts of this island, ecclesiastical and civil, both men and women usually plead their own causes, except where strangers are concerned, who, being unacquainted with the laws and language, are forced to employ others to speak for them. It is but of late years that attornies, and such as gain by strife, have even forced themselves into business; and, except what these get out of the people, law-suits are determined without much charges.

The 1777 Act which made major changes to Manx Law also introduced registration of advocates

Whereas the Custom of permitting Persons not bred to the Profession of the Law to practise as Attomeys hath been found greatly to promote, a Spirit of Litigation, and the Want of a proper Table of Fees hath been the Occasion of frequent Instances of Imposition upon Clients, be it enacted by the Authority aforesaid, that hereafter no Person shall plead in any Court, (except in his own Cause), or sue out any Process, or act in the Character of an Attorney or Advocate before any Court, Judge, or Magistrate, until he befirst approved of and commissioned to act by the Governor or Lieutenant Governor of this Isle under his Hand and Seal, and until he shall have publickly taken the Government Oaths, as also the following one: "I, A. B. do swear that I will truly and honestly demean myself in the Practice and Knowledge of an Attorney to the best of my Ability."


The following is based on a list was made in the 1980's from Records at that time in the Manx Registry by Peter Edge ( to whom thanks in allowing its use on these pages.

Year of Admission  
1777 William Callow
  Robert Farrant

John Lace

  Daniel Callow
  William Quayle
  Thomas Fargher
  John Cosnahan (1758-1819) later High Bailiff then Deemster
1783 Norris Moore
  James Kelly
1786 Thomas Stowell
1787 John Crellin
1788 Richard Clague
1791 Thomas Gawn
1793 Mark H. Quayle
  Richard Tyldesley (1772-1794)
1794 John Cosan Gelling
1800 Redmond Stowell
  John Quirk
1801 Robert Watson
1803 William Brew
1804 Daniel Corlett
1805 Robert Kelly
1807 John Llewelyn
  Ewan Gill
1808 John M'Hutchin
1810 James Lovell
1811 William Corlett
1812 John J. Heywood
  Charles Geneste (1790-1833)
  Francis Tweddle
  William Quayle
1813 Thomas Arthur Corlett
1814 Frederick Tellet
  John Stephen
1815 James Quirk
  Richard Cosnahan
  Henry Corlett
  John Kelly
  John Cain
1818 William Stephen
  John James Moore
1819 Frederick Lamothe Gelling
  James Quirk
  William Kneale
1820 William Watson Christian
1821 W. Kewley
  William Stephen
  William Moore
  William Kinley
1822 John Bell
  James John Moore
  Richard Harrison
  William Roper
  Philip Moore
  Richard Harrison
  James Quirk
  Frederick LaMothe Gelling
  William Moore
  William Kinley
  Thomas Gawne Jnr.
1824 William Kewley
  William Clague
  Edmund George Head
  Frederick Augustus Grier
1825 John Courtney Bluett
  Albert M. Quayle
  F.D. Geneste
  Thomas Mylrea
1826 Robert Hastings
  George William Dumbell
  Frederick J. D. Lamothe
1827 Horatio Nelson Carrington
  Henry Bloomfield Watts
  Edward Wilmot
  Anthony O'Reilly
1828 Frederick B. Clucas
  John Clowes Stephen
  John Dominique Gelling
1830 James William Moore
1832 Arthur Cowell Kayle
  George Geneste
1833 Thomas Haining
1835 Edward Henry Frissell
  Senhouse Wilson
  John George Moore
1836 Robert James Kelly
1838 Thomas Charles Howard
  Robert John Moore
1839 John Moore Jeffcott
  Laurence Cragie
  Edward Caryl Fleetwood
1840 Ridgeway Harrison
1842 Samuel Harris Jnr.
1843 Edward Callow
  Charles James Stewart
1844 Charles Richard Ogden (on appointment as Attorney General)
  John Kelly Jnr.
  Thomas Cheslyn Callow
1845 James Gell
  Daniel Fleming Wilson Jnr.
  Gilbert William Hutchin
1847 Samuel Sandiland Rogers
  James Spittall
1848 Alfred Walter Adams
1849 Frederick Call
  James Burnham
1850 Alfred Nelson Laughton
1851 Thomas Arthur Corlett Jnr
1852 Laurence William Adamson
1854 Henry Corlett Gill
1855 John Harrison
  Richard Tuton Jnr.
1856 John Thomas Clucas
1857 Arthur Bluett
  Richard Sherwood
1858 Alured Dumbell
  Harry E. Gelling
1860 Henry Thomas LaMothe
1862 Claude Cannell
  John Corlett LaMothe
  William E. S. Moore
1863 John Quayle
1864 Frederick Gill
  Charles William Beckworth
1865 John James Gell
  George James M'Donald
1868 Robert Swan Stephen
1869 William Frederick Dickinson
  Charles Banks Nelson
  Henry Kellet Jnr.
1870 George Harrington Quayle
  William Montgomery Stewart
1871 John Alan Mylrea
  Alexander Johnstone Steele
  Albert Edward LaMothe
1872 Joseph Higgins
1873 William Augustus Stevenson
  Frederick Browne
  James Murray Cruickshank
  George Alfred Ring
  James Hodgeson
1874 Charles Thomas C. Callow
  Thomas Arthur Corlett Jnr.
1875 John Joseph Creer
  John Craine Jnr.
1876 Albert Charles Wood
1877 Charles William Coole
  Thomas Kneen
  Frederick Augustus Laughton
  George R. Cookson
1878 Philip Moore Callow Kermode
  James Stowell Gill
1882 Douglas Hooper Ring
1885 Llewelyn Stanley Kneale
1887 Frederick Malcolm LaMothe
  Horatio B. C. Callow
1888 Frederick Brown Fleming
1889 Frederick George Callow
1890 George Portis Price
  William Alfred Kneen
  Henry Shortridge Clarke
1891 William Lay
1893 John Allan Goldsmith
  Cyril T. H. Hughes-Games
1894 John Donald Clucas
1895 Malcolm M'Wannell
  Thomas Stephen Quirk Cooil
  George Frederick Clucas
1896 Edward Cannell Kneen
  Richard Daniel Gelling
  William Goldsmith
1898 Louis Constantine Kewley
1899 George Sayle Johnson
  Thomas William Cain
  Reginald Douglas Farrant

Henry Robert Gelling





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