Richard Jebb, 1807-1884

A.W. Moore gives following brief biography:

RICHARD JEBB, M.A., born 27th January, 1807 died on the 7th January, 1884, was appointed Vicar-General on the 16th of December, 1861. He graduated at Trinity Colleges Dublin, and was called to the English Bar in 1832. A profound lawyer, an able and upright judge, an independent and conscientious politician, he filled his high office till enfeebled by increasing years, with dignity and success. He was a fine scholar, a brilliant orator, and a sparkling humorist.

 A.N. Laughton gives a few humourous accounts of his courts - see Reminiscences Chapter 19 - according to A.E. Lamothe in later years his deafness caused him to become very brusque..




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