William Dalrymple. 1815-1890

Born 6 Jan 1815 in Stirlinghire, Scotland, only son of James Dalrymple and Agnes Clelland. Moved to Island with parents and sister Agnes (b. 1818) in 1822 where after 1825 they leased Ballastole farm, Braddan, which they ran for many years. Managed the Mills of William Kelly at Union Mills bought by Capt Harrison in 1827 by forced coroner's sale, and expanded the business, William took over the management of these in 1843 (and bought out mills in 1860) , the same year he married Letitia Kelly of Trollaby at Morown, their only child Agnes was born in 1844.

Like his father a leading member of the Congregational church, deacon at Finch Hill for over 40 years - Rev David Inglis describes William's house, Burnside, as his second home. This house was built in 1860 and though aptly named due to its close proximity to the Mill Lade, it reflects his love of the poetry of Robert Burns.

Became director of IoM Bank in 1865 as well as a director of the IoMSPCo.

Noted as a staunch Liberal in politics, it required the end of the Keys self-election to encourage him to engage in public affairs. Elected a M.H.K. in the first election of 1867, he held his seat until his death in 1890. Appointed in 1874 as Government Commissioner to the strife-riden New Street Board concerned with the establishment of Victoria Street.

Died at his home, Burnside, on 13 May 1890 and buried at Braddan New Yard following a impressively attended funeral.


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