Dalrymple Maitland. 1848-1919

Dalrymple Maitland. 1848-1919

Born Liverpool, 22 March 1848, son of John Maitland, proprietor and editor of the Liverpool Mercury, mother was Agnes Dalrymple, scottish born daughter of James Dalrymple, leading congregationalist and manager of the mills at Union Mills. While young came to reside with his uncle who had only a single daughter. Educated at Dr Steele's Crescent Academy and afterwards worked in his uncle's business, to the management of which he succeeded when his uncle decided to give more time to public affairs. He sold the Mills and other businesses in 1887/90 after which he followed his uncle into public life, he also inherited the proprietorship of the Liverpool Mercury.

Married Frances Caley (b. 1856) on 16 June 1879, her father, Charles Caley, being a well-off merchant in Douglas. Frances died in 1891 shortly after giving birth to their only child, John ('Jack') Dalrymple Maitland; the death of whom in Flanders in 1916 devastated his father who died from bronchitis in 1919 (year of flu epidemic), he was buried at Braddan.

After 1887 he was associated with many public and commercial offices taking over most from his uncle on the latter's death in 1890: MHK for Middle Sheading (1890-1919), Speaker of House of Keys (1909-1919) following death of A.W.Moore, JP in 1892 and Captaincy of Marown 1909. His directorships included those of IoM Railways (chairman 1907-1919), IoMSPCo (chairman 1900-1919) and the IoM Bank (1890-1919, chairman 1894-1919).


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