Samuel Rutter - Bishop 1661-1663

Bishop Rutter

Taken from P. Draper "The House of Stanley" 1864.

Samuel Rutter, D.D., the chaplain and confidential friend of the Earl of Derby, was the tutor of Charles, Lord Strange, the eighth Earl, and the biographer of the family. At Knowsley there is a portrait of him as archdeacon of Man. His figure is portly, and his appearance clerkly. He wears a dark doublet, his hair is thin, and he has a contemplative cast of countenance, grave, reverent, and pleasing. He was probably sent by some member of the Stanley family to Westminster School, elected thence in 1623 to Christ Church, Oxford, appointed prebendary of Lichfield in 1660, archdeacon and afterwards bishop of Sodor and Man. He died at the Isle of Man in 1663. His grandfather was John Rutter, known in the time of Earl Henry as the " Burscough Miller," and is supposed to have descended from the Rutters of Kingsley, a family of inferior although at one time of heraldic rank in Cheshire. In the " Household Account " of Earl Henry, for 1589, under the date of "New Park, xi October," we meet with the following entry :-" On Thursdaie the xixth of October John Rutter mylner at Burscough mylnes had meate from New P'ke by my Lo. commandment."

A brief biography is given by A.W.Moore in Manx Note Book vol ii no.8 p159.




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