Alfred James Collister (1869-1964)

Born Kewaige, attended Douglas School of Art, where after winning several prizes, he was appointed as second pupil teacher in February 1890, however the governing body refused to pay him stating that pupil numbers were too low (his 14 months of back pay was eventually paid!).

Moved as pupil teacher to Tynwald Street School but then left for London where he attended Royal College of Art.

Later taught (and became headmaster) at Redhill, Wimbledon and Kingston Schools of Art. Staunch friend of A Knox who joined him at several of these schools until they had a tiff in 1912. Often returned as visitor to paint Island scenes.

Painted mainly in watercolour - retired to Littlehampton, West Sussex where he was passionately interested in his apple orchard - died there 7th January 1964.


Ingram et al, Art of Mann Surby:Moods of Mann (ISBN 0-9524304-3-6) 1996.

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