John L. Pearson, 1817-1897

John L. Pearson Of Durham stock - his grandfather was a well known solictor in Durham and his father a water-colour painter, also in Durham. Was pupil in office of Ignatius Bonomi, in Durham, at age of 14 and then moved to London.

Appointed architect to Lincoln Cathedral in 1870 and was responsible for many cathedral resorations. In 1879 designed Truro Cathedral, the first new Cathedral built after St Pauls. Was also responsible for restoration of Westminster Hall in 1885.

Elected Fellow Royal Institute of British Architects in 1860 and Royal Academician in 1880. For many years acted as one of consulting architects to the Incorporated Church Building Society.

From the start he identified himself with the Gothic Revival.

Uncle-in-law to A.W.Moore by virtue of marriage to one of his mother's sisters and thus also related by marriage to the Ewan and John Christian; the young Moore used to often stay at Pearson's London home.



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