Mackay Hugh Ballie Scott, 1865-1945

Born near Ramsgate, son of a minor, but wealthy, Scottish aristocrat. Originally trained as an agriculturalist with eye to running family Australian sheep stations but decided instead to become an architect. In 1886 articled to Charles Davis, Bath city architect. Left Bath and settled on Isle of Man in 1889, apparently on a whim according to John Betjeman who was told "I went to the Isle of Man for a holiday. I was so seasick I couldn't face the journey back so I set up in practice there". He initially worked for Fred Sanderson, Surveyor, in Atholl Street Douglas. He also attended evening classes at the College of Art, Douglas where he met and became friends with Archibald Knox.

First buildings were heavily inspired by Shaw and Earnest George; their heavy half-timbered Old English style owed little to the location; however their interiors were more unconventional. His own house, the Red House in Douglas (1892-3) showed considerable innovation in planning. See articles by Betjeman and Haigh for plans etc. of various Manx houses.

Left Island in 1901 to move to Bedford.




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Mackay Hugh Baillie Scott Manx National Heritage Library Bibliography No 4 (a free 4pp sheet available from Manx Museum Library) - gives an excellent bibliography including Manx sources

See also many article in IoM Victorian Soc Newsletter.

A website edited by Greg Slater is devoted to enhancing the memory of Baille Scott.



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