Samuel Haining 1779-1846

According to Rev Inglis (who maried one of his grand-daughters) "Mr Haining, the founder of the Congregational Church in Douglas, or, as it was then called, the Independent Church. Mr Haining came to the Island in 1808, probably because his uncle, a retired captain of an East Indiaman, had settled in the town. He began his work in a room in Fort-street, and after various changes of location, he went into the chapel in Athol-street in 1813 ... Mr Haining was a man of remarkable powers. He was a fine Hebrew scholar, and he wielded the pen of a ready writer....that he was one of the founders of the Lancasterian School in Douglas... Mr Haining was also one of the founders of the Manx auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society.

Nightingale, clainimg authority from Inglis states: "In the year 1804, the Rev. Samuel Haining, then a student at Edinburgh, visited the Island to ascertain the state of religion, and to try what could be done to establish a Christian society regulated by New Testament principles. He preached throughout the Island for a few weeks, and then returned to finish his studies. Application was made to him by some who had heard him preach to come amongst them, and, being advised by Christian friends to do so, he complied, and laboured in the different parts of the Island. ... It is much to be regretted that the information respecting Mr. Haining, the apostle of Manx Congregationalism, is not more full. A native of Kirkcudbright, and, as previously stated, educated at Edinburgh, it would be interesting to know what led him to turn his attention in the direction of this Island. "

Hugh Stowell Brown however gives a more pithy description: "a Scotchman of considerable erudition, and a preacher of dull, dry, long sermons"

Wrote one of the earliest Guide books to the Island.

Wife Jane Hannay (d.1843) - both she and Samuel buried in St George's churchyard.

Children (including 2 sets of twins) are entered in the records of Athol St Congregational Chapel

1809 Jan 15 James
1810 April 10 Thomas (d. 1848)
1811 Aug 18 John
1813 July 3 Jane (twin) (d.1850)
1813 July 3 Samuel (twin)
1815 June 4 Isabella
1818 Jan 6 Ann
1820 Jan 21 Arbuthnot (a daughter)
1822 July 18 Charles Johnston (twin)
1822 July18 Alexander (twin) (d.1852)
1827 June 8 William

Thomas Haining became an advocate entered in the Manx bar. James Haining is noted as a cashier at Holme's Bank in 1843 and by 1848 secretary of Isle of Man savings Bank. Ann Haining was noted as a 57 year old Lodging House keeper (No 3 Clarence Terrace) in 1881.


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