Edmund Goodwin 1844-1924

This is taken from Chap 37 of Mona Douglas This is Ellan Vannin 1965. (so facts may not be totally accurate!).

Edmund Evans Greaves Goodwin, born 24 Aug 1844 at 27 Castle Street Peel; died at Mount Morrison, Peel on 3rd Jan 1924.

Grandfather was vicar in England; father was a good amateur musician, mother was Alice Morrison (sister to Charles Morrison father of Sophia Morrison) who ran a small private school. Was lame from early childhood which made movement difficult and became considerably worse as he grew older. In 1881 census shown living with widowed mother as a teacher of music whilst several unmarried sisters worked as milliners.

Was one of founder members of Yn Chesaight Ghailckagh and produced First Lessons in Manx in 1901 for classes organised in Peel.

Was also interested in genealogy and produced number of genealogies of leading Manx families - never published but in MS form in Manx Museum.

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