Heritage Trail Long Distance Path

path schematic guideThe easiest of the paths as one would expect as it follows the trackbed of the Douglas-Peel Railway.

The trackbed starts, as you would expect, at the impressive red-brick Douglas railway station - the Peel line ran parallel with the Port Erin line (still happily in use) for a short way before the later veered away climbing towards the Nunnery. Part of the trackbed has been built on - some forms part of a path by the side of the new National Sports Centre but the trail proper begins just across the road from the Quarterbridge Inn.

The first section has been metalled and forms the escape road to allow access during motorcycle weeks to that part of the Island otherwise isolated by the closure of the road.

As the escape road passes under the main road at what was once Braddan Church Halt, old Braddan Church and yard is just off towards your left, with the new Braddan Church almost adjacent. The halt was to allow the large crowds who came to the open-air Sunday services to avoid a two mile walk back into Douglas.

The trail soon becomes a track bed surrounded by hedges with plenty of wildlife. Most of the stations along this route were not impressive and few remains are visible.

The trail crosses Millennium way just above Crosby - the detour to visit Old Marown is well recommended. The once extensive station complex at St John's (at one time there were two stations here) has gone - however another detour to visit Tynwald Hill and the National Church of St John's is mandatory.

Soon the trail follows the bank of the Neb.



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