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Santan Parish Registers 

A Register of the Christenings, Marriages and Burials of the Parish of Kk. St. Anne, commencing in the year of our Lord 1690.

Ex donis
Reverendi admodum Domni
Thomae Sodor et Manniae Episcopi—
Parochial Stne Annae,.

The North side of the Church was rebuilt Ano 1703. The South side 1715. The gable and steeple 1725. So that the walls of this Church are all new. The Church and chancel rebuilt Anno 1774. The Right Revnd. Lord Bishop of this Isle bestowed on this Parish a flacon and two plates, March ye 9th, 1719, and a table cloth before. A new bell set up April ye 9th, 1720. The steeple of this Church was finished and the Church enlarged July 29th, 1725. The seats were then regulated by the wardens with the assistance of four sworn men, pursuant of the Vicar-General's order, in the following course—

Seats on ye North side next the chancel.

1 Ballaquickin & the Tuckmill.
2 Knocloghan 2 qrs.
3 Ballakisssek 2 qrs.
4 Rogane more & B'Chrink.
5 Crogga, The Lhargy, and of Knocloghan.
6 Ballagick and Ballakelly.
7 Ballacrine & Ballafurt.
8 Ballacorris & Sulbrick
9 Knockfreiy 2 qrs.
10 Balnyhow 2 qrs.
11 Crot ny cooilley, Crot y Vear, Crot y furt Callow, The Rheast, & the Griney more.

Seats on the South side next, ye reading pew.

1 Rogane beg, Bal-churry, & Glan Grenagh.
2 Ballnyhown 2 qrs.
3 Meary More 2 qrs.
4 B-ny Creggy 2 qrs.
5 Balla Costean & Meary Veg.
6 Keroo doo & Kinley ny hown.
7 The Miln & Ballavachir.
8 Crot Hanten, The Park, Crot y Keig, Crot Lharney & Crot Kneale at ye mountains with Close ny howin
9 Newtown & Glentragh.
10 Ballavilla next to ye gable on the South side.

The steps about ye font for the poor people

Wardens' names—

Their assistants—









June 27th, 1728.

The within Regulation being agreed and consented to by the generality and Principal Inhabitants of this Parish is this day delivered by the Wardens and their Assistants above mentioned: The which is accepted of and all persons concerned are to give due observance thereto sub paena juris .

Jo. CURGHEY, Vicr Genl. Present
WM. GELL, Archdeacon's Rregr.


[note these are a very partial selection]

Tho. Quay, son to Tho. Isabel, Sept. 14th.
Philip Quirk, son to Philip, Sept. 28th.
Tho. Martin. Anne Martin, December 3d.

John Quine, son to Will. & Isable, Aug. Oth.

Ann Quiney daughter to Jo. & Mariad, Nov. 17
John Cosnahan, son to John & Margaret, was baptised Feb. 18, was born the 15th day, being Wednesday, about 12 o'clock at night.
Joan Moor, daughr. to Gilbert, March 5.

William Quiney, son to John & Averick, of Kk. Malew,
William Clague, son to Will. Fidler y Charn, Sep 10th.

Mary Bridson, daugh. to Tho. & Joan de Lane, Feb. 25.

Nelly Mylera, d augh . to To. & El in. of Ballasally, May 26 .
Karter Bridson, daugh. to John of ye Field, Sep. 11
Nelly Kissage, daugh. to Will. & Isable, Nov. 22.

Jony Vargher, dough. Robt. & Margaret, Sep. 27.
Isab]e Clucas, dough. to Wm. of Tottaby, Malefic, Mar. 24.

John Kissage, son of Willm. of Ballakissage, Dec 17.

Alice Costean, dough. to Wm. & Margaret, Dec. 12.

John Murfey, son to Dennish the Hatter and Jony, Livis g in Ball ny How, April 12th, 1711.

A.D. 1713.
Esther Shawney, da. to Robt. & Ann, Ap 4
Margery Kenny, da. to John &: Jony, Ap 2

A. D. 1715.
Isable Bridson, da. to Tho. of the Coorll, May 30.
Nelly Quiney (a posthumus) da. to Tho. & Ann, Aug. 9.

Margaret Cosnahan, the second daughter of that name to John and Margaret, June 30.

December 1716
John Bridson, son of Nicholas and Karter, living in Knockanalm, ye 12.

May, 1717.
Catherine Arthur, daughter of Hn. & Sussannah, being weak was baptised in the house ye 15. 1720.

John, son to John & Ann Cosnahan, was born ye 14th about 8 in the morning, and baptised the 17 July after the ancient and primitive practice of dipping as prescribed in ye Rubriek in pub. baptism.



Sr. John Cosnahan, 1a~e Vicar of Kk. St. Anne, being minister in the sd. Parish 38 years, ~ departed this life the 24th of June, and was buried the next d&y following in ye yard under the great broad stone, for he left in his last will ~ that he should be buried there. :

Burials, 1657

And likewise Sr. Wm. Cosnahan, his Brother, late Vicar of Kk. German, departed this life the 23rd June, and was buried the day following in the Chancell in his Father’s grave, and Sir Tho. Harrison preached his funeral sermon and his text was out of the *25th of the first book of the Kings and the last verse

(* There is no such chapter, He must have meant the 2d Book of the Kings—a plain historical simple text enough: but if Sir Thomas’s text was taken from the last chapter and last verse of :the 1st Book of the Kings he did not, I fancy, preach much to the honour of Brother Sir William Truly, Sir Thomas, your text would in the present age appear very extraordinary at the head of a funeral service.

This note is by a later hand ; apprently written by the Rev Charles Crebbin - R.J. [Rev R. Jones])

Kk. St. Ann Burials, 1690.
Sir Hugh Cosnahan, Minister, Sep. 25. Buried under ye great stone in his father’s grave (Vicar of this Parish 23 years).

Governour Heywood d’yd Jan. 6.

The year 1704 begins fatal for the small pox.

Tho. Cain, son of John and Christian Cain (aged 19 years) went from home on Sunday morning, the 26 of August, to the Hough to gather Hips, but falling down from the top of very High rocks under Ball ny Cregga’s Land, was killed at the fall and found dead next day, and buried Aug. 28.

A boat laden with limestones belonging to this parish, from Darby Haven to Port Gaussick, on Wednesday, the 26th of June, 1717, struck upon a rock called Cregg Mecha, there being aboard the same boat Jon Kneale, Win. Cotteen, Hn. Arthur, and Wm. Quine, junr. ; the said Jon Kneale and Wm. Cotteen were drowned and found the sd. day, and were buryed the next day in the Churchyard.

The Reverend John Cosnahan (son of Sir Hugh), wrio was Vicar of this Parish ebout 34 years, and aged 56 years, was buried in his father’s and grandfather’s grave under the great stone in the yard. Rh departed this life the 14th of April, and was interr’d the 16, 1724.

Hugh Cosnahan, son of John Cosnahan, Vicr, dy’d in the Island of Jamaica, and was buried there ashore abt. ye latter end of Janry., 1727-8.

John Carsfrce, who perished in ye ship that was cast away at Saltrick, on Wednesday, the 28th August, 1728, was buried in this Churchyard the day following.

Karther Bridson, wife of Robert Brew, of Ballaquackin, who was shot in her bed by a gun that accidentally hung over her where she lay, dy’d on Wednesday at night being ye 26, and was buried Feb. 28th.

Captain John Bridson, of Rogane More, who was Clerk of this Parish 23 years, was buried March 8th.

Decr. 12. This day Mr Joseph Sfisher, Jon Rogers, and Patrick Quinn, from Drogheda, together with three other Irishmen, were buried in this Churchyard, who perished in a boat at Sossreck ye 9th inst. , by unfortunately quitting their ship, which rid out safely & was after 2 days brought to Douglass. The six men were lodg’d 2 nights at Balla ny How, had all of em coffins according to order of Governmt., and were decently interr’d. eod. die ut supra.

Sept. Mrs Margaret Casnahan (ye late Vicar’s Relict), aged 63 years—-a woman of good credit & demean amongst her neighbours and generally well beloved—after a sudden fit of sickness, begun ye 1st of the said month, Departed this Life ye 5th, and was bury’d the 7th Do.

Sept. John Moor, Junr., Ballavilla. who was troubled with the Falling Sickness, being seized with the fit nigh a Stream or Rivulet running thro’ his Father’s Meadow, fell into it & was suffocated the 8th of said month & bury d the 9th.

June. The Revd. Mr John Cosnahan, Vicar GenI. and Vicar of Kk. Bradan .

27th. March. The Right Reverend Father in God, Thos Wilson, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man, died 1’ the 7th, about 4 o clock in the morning & was intered on Thursday, 11th, in the forenoon, at the East End or Gable of Kk. Michal Church.

Nov. William Christian, Junr., of Meary Veg, on Friday, the 23 instant, coming home from Ballaquackin in a dark rainy night in company with Jon Quiney, Junr., of Ballacrine, about 10 o’clock met Mr Edward Christian, of Lewaige, of Kk. Maughold, on horseback, who had been at Castletown, and said Christian and Quiney desiring said Mr Christian to give them a cast over the River of Quiney’s Miln, he first took behind him said Wm. Christian ; But by the violence of the current, there being a great Flood in the River by the rain which fell that evening, and ye night being very dark, they were carry’d off horseback & both perished. Mr Christian was riotfound till Sunday morning, be being covered by. a quantity of sea wrack in the Burn-foot of Elk. St. Anne ; Wm. Christian was found Saturday morning, near a Rock called the Cregg-wee, at sd. Burn-foot, & was bury’d Sunday evening, 25th.

July. Thos. Cowle, Wm. Christian, & John Faragher perished at sea on Wednesday, 29th. August. The Corpses of Thos. Cowle andWm. Christian were found on board the yawl in which they were fishing, on Friday evening following, and were bury’d on Sunday, 2nd.

August. The Reverend Paul Crebbin, who was 33 years Vicar of this Parish, died on Sunday, the 26th, about . eight o’clock in the evening, and was interred on Wednesday, the 29th, in the foreRoon, at the West end or Gable of the Church.

The Revd. Mr Joseph Cosnahan Vicar of Kk. Braddan, was buried under the great stone, Sept. 22, 1768.

On Saturday, the ~7th of June, a boat laden with lime. stones returning from Castletown to Port Soderick, in this parish, about half a league northward of Langlass Point, and all hands on board of her perisbed, viz :—Jno. Curphey, senr., of the Largy ; Wm. Karran (a cottier in Balla ny Cregga), Daniel Creech, son of Daniel Creech a Tenant in said estate ; & Thos. Corlett, servant to said Creech.

Corlett’s corps was found floating near where . the boat was sunk and brought to Pt. Grenick, July the 24, & buried the next day. Dan Creech’s corps was driven ashore near Poolvash & was founçl July 30th ; interred the next day. And Curphey’s corps was found at sea by some fishermen near Langlass Point. the 1st day of August, & brought into Pt. Soderick..& burried the same day.

The Right Reverend Mark Hyldesly, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann, died on Monday, Dec. 7th, and was buried on Thursday, 10th, in the forenoon, at the East End or Gable of Kk. Michael Church, near the Monument of Good Bishop Wilson.

His Excellency Govnr. Wood buried in Castletown Chapel, May 4th.

William Oates, being sometime insane, was drowned in the sea & his corps found in Traih-Gheiyl, June 15 ; buried June 17th.

George, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man, Died the 8th day of December, about 2 o’clock in the morning, and was buried On the 12th of said month in Kk. Michael Churchyard, near the grave of the zealous Bp. Hyldesley.

The Great Storm of 1787 (these words are in the margin a later hand. R. J.)-..Thos. Oates, of this parish, .& Thos. Cowley, of Braddan, t;wo young men who were at the herring fishing, & a violent gale coming on they were drowned in Douglas Bay on Friday morning, 20 Sept.-Their bodies being found on shore at Douglas on the same morning, were buried in this Churchyard on the Sunday following, Sept. 23.

Daniel Tear (aged 111), Dec. 11th.

The following is the inscription on the gravestone

" Here, friend, is little Danies’s tomb—
To Joseph’s age he did arrive ;
Sloth killing thousands in their bloom,
While labour kept poor Dan alive.
How strange, yet true, full seventy years
Was his wife happy in her tears.

Daniel Tear, died 9th Dec., 1787,
aged 110 years.

Robert Callister, a boy of 12 years old, being at service in Ballanymnoanney in Kk. Braddan, went out on Sunday eveng., the 17th of February, into the How under said farm in pursuit of Rabbits, with two other boys, and falliig down a precipice was killed by the fall, and buried in this Churchyard Feb. 19th. -

William Oats, Esqr., Nov. 26th.
Eunice Anne Oates, als. Murray, widow of the above Wm. Oates, Esqr., was married to Thomas Christian, Esqr., by special licence, in her own house at Ronaldsway, the second of February in the night, anno 1795. .

Wm. Caugherty (an irish young man), Jany. 2d.

Morgan (from Marown), June 9th.

Lord Henry Murray died in Douglas the 4th of Decr., about 8 o’clock in the morning, and was buried in Kk. Braddan Churchyard Dec. 8th.

A mariner who peris’hed on board the Brig Bess, from Liverpool, on the night of the 4th January, and interred in this Churchyard on the 14th.

Supposed to be passenger on board the above mentioned Brig Bess, which was wrecked near Port Saudric, Jan. 25.

2 Mariners who perished on board the same Brig, Feb. 3rd.

Revd. Charles Crebbin, who was 48 years and 9 months Vicar of this Parish, and 36 years Chaplain of St. George’s, Douglas, Died on Thursday evening, 4th Decr., about half-past eight o’clock, and was interred on Monday, the 8th, in the forenoon, at the South side of the Church, Aged 8l years.

Henry Quayle was returning from Quinney’s miln with-some meal for his family on the evening of the Septr., had put the meal into his own house at B’howe and went out to put bye the horse, and finding the cart probably overturned and attempting to extricate the horse without assistance, was killed on the spot and found a few minutes afterwards by his own son.

Revd. Thomas Kewley, who was seven years Vicar of this Parish, died on Sunday, the 12th of April, 1835, aged 39 years.

Died Jany. 26th, at Great Horkesley, Essex, Dr William Ward, Lord Bishop of the Diocese of Sodor and Man, in the 77th year of his age.

Four mariners cast on shore in Port Greenock belonging to the Brig Brilliant, a vessel wrecked under B’furt. 27th Inst., names unknown buried Nov 30th

Bishop Shirley died April 21st, 1847.


A student of King William’s College, of the name of Robert Woodhouse, son of an English clergyman in Nottingham (aged 16 years), in company with two other collegians going in search of a jackdaw’s nest in a cove called " Gullet ny Ghow," near PortSaltrick, in this Parish, ‘fell from the top of the rock and was killed, May 22d, 1850. Interred May 2lst .

August 23, 1865. This day the Parish Church and Church-yard were visited by the Cambrian Arehæological Society. They also visited the Druid’s Temple at Rogane-moar and Cronk ny merrin at the beach.

The well in the street before the Vicarage house was sunk Anno 1775, being a remarkaoly dry summer. The depth thereof is about 16 feet, 13teen of which goes into a very hard quarry, so that the most squeamish Dame need not doubt the purity of the water.

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