1691 Composition Book: Santan


See elsewhere for reasons and structure of this manorial record - the numbers were not in the original but included here for ease of cross referencing.

The following is a slightly modernised transcription - names are as in original though a few other abreviations expanded - the stereotyped format was arranged in two columns the first 'x formerly zz' and the second the lives in being. The entry is here split into its two components. The name under formerly generally refers to 1643 unless a later renewal is noted, the tenant is that of 1691 - note any lives in being must (except for later renewals) have been born by 1643 and thus be older than 48 years old. Some given ages would however appear to have been rounded.

Many entries had † against them - possibly indicated a death by 1703/4 when next composition book drawn up after Act of Settlement.

Att Catletown 25 July 1691

  Tenant in 1691 former tenant

Lives in being

1 Thomas Quay Tho Quay expired
2 Mr Jon Cosnahan   expred
3 Jon Brew Ro Brew Ro Brew aged 60, Jane Moor aged 56
4 Tho Brew junr yet in being Tho Brew aged 60
5 Ellin Brew Tho Brew expired
6 Ann Kenish Christo Kenish expired
7 Thomas Kenish Christo Kenish †Tho Brew pred?
8 Jon Fargher Fin Fargher Jon Fargher aged 62, Tho Fargher 67
9 Thomas Fargher Tho Fargher Tho Fargher pred
10 Mary Fargher Jon Fargher renewed in 1666 †Christian Fargher aged 60 [side note dyed abt a foretnight before Easter Court
11 Jony Fargher Ro Quay renewed in 1666 Mary Fargher aged 28
12 Jon Moor Ro Moor renewed in 1671 Jon Moor aged 56, tho? Moor aged 30, Jon Moor 24
13 Issa Callow Jon Moor Jon Moor pred
14 Jon Callow Christo Callow †Jon Callow 52
15 Christo Bridson + Mary his sister Thomas Bridson Mary Bridson aged 50
16 Jon Cubbon Jon Cubbon †Bahy Cubbon aged 50
17 Jon Moor Nich Moor †Jon Moore aged 63
18 Wm Taggart Gilbt Hampton expired
19 William Kissage Wm Kissage expired
20 Robt Oates yet in being Margt Oates
21 Jon Moor Wm Moor †Margt Crebbin aged 58
22 Christo Bridson Jon Bridson Christo Bridson aged 60
23 Jon Brew Jon Quinney expired
24 Jon Quinney Wm Quinney Christo Bridson pred
25 Wm Quinney Wm Quinney renewed 1666 Jon Key alledged to be living in London
26 Wm Quay Ro Quay †Jon Curghy aged 60
27 Thomas Quay Patr Quay expired
28 Wm Gick Christo Gick expired
29 Jon Bridson Jon Bridson †Christo Bridson aged 58
30 Jon Curghy Jon Curghy †Jon Curghy aged 60
31 Ellin Brew + Wm Cowle? Gilbt Brew †Thomas Brew 60
32 Ellin Brew + Wm Cowle?   Jane Brew aged 59, Ellin Brew aged 52
33 Thomas Kneale Jon Taggart expired
34 Jon Kinish Jon Kinish †Margt Kinish aged 50
35 Jon Kneale Christo Kneale expired
36 Thomas Moor and partners Tho Quay expired
37 Wm Moor Wm Moor expired
38 Thomas Brew Tho Brew †Tho Brew aged 60, Jon? Brew aged 48
39 Thomas Martin Jon Martin expired
40 Thomas Kinley Tho Kinley expired
41 Ro Caine Jon Caine Jon Caine aged 63, Jon Caine aged 49
42 Gilbt Moor Ro Moor renewed in 1671 Gilbt Moor aged 44, Jon Moor aged 23, †Ro Moor aged 30
43 Gilbt Moor Nich Bridson ut ante
44 Jon Brew Jon Cubbon †Bahy Cubbon aged 60
45 Thomas Martin and partners Tho Crellin + Christo Brew Jon Brew aged 48
46 Thomas Woods Tho Woods †Tho Woods aged 60


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