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Rushen Abbey

Rushen Abbey

Founded 1134, initially an offshoot of the Savignian house of Furness. Like others of this order came under Cistercian rule in 1147. The completed Abbey church was dedicated in 1257.
Little now remains other than the tower, a dovecote and the remains of a later guest house. Much of the stone seems to have been used in what is now a hotel. J.R.Bruce (6th Arch. report) suggested that the tower was the central tower of an earlier Romanesque church the South wall of which was used 'inside out' in the building of the Abbey, however it would appear that the tower, dates from around 1450 and was probably a later addition. See separate page for fuller details.

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The Nunnery, Douglas


Little is known about the Nunnery which was completely rebuilt in the 1820's. The Prioress was an important figure as a Baron in the Island. Dissolved in 1539 when there were only three nuns and the Prioress Margaret Goodman who is supposed to have then married Robert Calcott the Lord's Controller. Their descendants, the Heywoods occupied a house on the site before selling it to the Taubmans in 1776.
A Chapel of St Bridget however remained as a coachhouse and was restored in the 1880's. An account of the restoration of the Chapel as given by Major Leigh Goldie Taubman is taken from The Manx Note Book of April 1887.

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Friary Chapel - Bemaccan

Friary Chapel - Bemaccan

The remains of a chapel of the Franciscan Friary founded in 1367. The chapel appears to date from the foundation as the masonry resembles the 14th work carried out at Castle Rushen for the founder. Later used a farm building following the dissolution in 1540 - now under the care of Manx National Heritage.

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