1691 Composition Book: Kirk German


See elsewhere for reasons and structure of this manorial record - the numbers and the Ref to 1703 composition book were not in the original but included here for ease of cross referencing - note some references are conjectural.

The following is a slightly modernised transcription - names are as in original though a few other abreviations expanded - the stereotyped format was arranged in two columns the first 'x formerly zz' and the second the lives in being. The entry is here split into its two components. The name under formerly generally refers to 1643 unless a later renewal is noted, the tenant is that of 1691 - note any lives in being must (except for later renewals) have been born by 1643 and thus be older than 48 years old. The given ages would however appear to have been rounded.


Castletowne the 20 July 1691

  Ref to 1703 Tenant formerly

Lives in being

1   Jon Harrison Sr Jon Harrison Hen Harrison alledged to be alive in England
Ro: Harrison [unreadable]
2   Wm Cooper & partner Wm Cooper his father Wm Cooper
Ann Cooper aged 60 years
3   Jon Kermeen Wm Caine expired
4   Richard Ellison Wm Ellison Wm Ellison aged years and
Dorothy Ellison aged 55 years
5   Sylvester Cross Michell Cross Issa Cross aged 70 years
6   William Corris Wm his father Wm Corris aged 69
Thos Waterson 60 years
7   Richard Whitehead Gilbt Callow Mich: Whitehead aged 50 years &
Thomas Mcylechrist aged 25 years
8   Sill Mcylechrist Gilbt Callow [assond ?] Syl Mcylechrist aged 54
Alice Mcylechrist aged 47 &
Thom Mcylechrist
9   Silvester Cross Gilbt Callow [] Sill Cross aged 38
Phill Cross 34 years
10   Chas Cowle Tho Crellin & Thomas Quane Alice Crellin aged 56 years
11   Chas Cowle Tho Crellin Alice Crellin
12 2 William Knakill & Tho Quoole Jon Knakill & renewed in 1666 Sylvester [] aged 35 years
13   Jon Dawson Jon Dawson his uncle expired
14   Wm Craine uxo: [wife of] Wm Craine for 21 years determined
15   Frdo: ? Crow Wm Cannell renewed Anno 1660 Bessy Crow
16   Paule Gellin Henery Ratcliffe determined
17   Eliz Quayne Wm Cotch Christian Cotch aged 76
18   David Killip and Wm Shimin Phillip Gawne Ann daughter of Phill Gawn aged 50 years
19   Bahy Quay Ro Quay expired
20   William Gell and Richard Gell William Gell for 21 years 1666 determined
21   William Clark and partner Hump Clark Kathlin Ellin Clark alledged to be alive in Ireland and
Kathlin Clark aged 50 years
22   Jon Leece Jon Leece his father Jon Leece aged 53
Ann Leece aged 56
Wm Leece aged 50 years
23   Casar Wattleworth Jon Halsall renewed in 1666 Mr Sam Wattleworth aged 44 years &
Cesar Wattleworth 42 years
24   Jon Anglish and ptrnrs Jon Anglish Ann Anglish aged 50 years
25   Jon Gell Sill Leonard expired
26   Wm Clark
Wm Clark
Thomas Clark
Tho Clark
} expired
27   Thomas Kelly Jon Kelly Phill Kelly aged 61 years
28   Jon Vinch Jon Vinch his father Margt Vinch aged 60 years
29   Jon Hartloe Jon his grandfather expired
30   Jon Clucas & partners Mungo Hartley Wm Gell aged 60 years
31   Jon Corrin Jon Corrin his father expired
32   Thomas Dawson Hen Dawson Wm Dawson aged 80 years
33   Casar Wattleworth Wm Dawson Wm Dawson pred
34   Thomas Dawson & partners Dan : Quayle and Hen Dawson expired
35   Thomas Dawson & partners Hen Dawson & Dan Quayle Wm Dawson pred
36   Henery Quay Jon Quay Hen Quay aged 55 years
37   Phillip Quinry Issa: Curry & Randle: Curry expired
38   Jon Kewish Sill Kewish Thomas Kewish aged 50 years
39   Chas Kewish Patr: Kewish Charles Kewish aged 58 years
40   Hen Mcylevorrey Kath Cotch Thos Mcylevorrey aged 70 years
41   Patrick Quayne Ann Colvin expired
42   Wm Christian Margt Kinglish expired
43   Sill Kewish Jon Kinred Cha Kewish pred
44   James Erwin (? Irwin) Thomas Shirtock ? expired
45   Jon Christian Henery Mcylechrist expired
46   John Woods & partnrs Ro: Woods expired
47   Jon Woods & parners Jon Woods expired
48   Henery Gick ?ho: Waterson expired ?
49   Ann Billings Wm Billings renewed Anno 1671 Mullinex Moor aged 30 years
dau: Callister aged 34 years &
Ann Billings 50 years said to be alive in Dublin
50   Jon Quayle Thomas Casement expired
51   Jon Harrison Henery Thomason renewed Anno 1666 Margy Harrison aged 30 years
Cesar Wattleworth aged 42 years
52   Jon Cannell said Hen Thomasson renewed Anno 1666 Jon Cannell aged 70 years &
dau Callister aged 34 years and
Edward []nighelen ? in England
53   Wm Gell (inserted note dyed at beginning of May 1704) Hen Thomasson renewed in 1666 Wm Gell aged 60 years &
John Gell 64 years
54   Sill Kewish and partner ?od: Kewish James McSayle aged 50 years
55   Hen Kaighen Jon Christian John Christian aged 55 years
56   Patr Gell yet in being   Patk Gell aged 69 years
57   Tho: Vause & ptner Katlin: Gremsher and Tho Gremsher for years determined
58   Mr Sam Watleworth Wm Billings expired
59   Jon Quayle Katlin Casement Ann Billings aged 50 years
60   Hen Harrison Wm Ratcliffe expired
61   Thomas Kerran Kathrin & Margery Waterson Margery Waterson aged 50 years
Tho: Kerran 60 &
Rich Gudding aged 33 years
62   Bahy Quay Tho: & Robt Quay renewed in 1666 expired
63   Dorothy White & partners Wm White & Kathrin his mother Mich White aged 50 years
64   Michell White Wm White and Kathrin his mother Mich White pred
65   Ratcliffe Tubman Tho Tubman Ratcliffe Tubman aged 50 years &
Thomas Tubman sd to be alive in Ireland
66   Tho Carran Jon Carran Margt Carran aged 46 years
67   Jon Caine Thomas Caine for a terme of years determined
68   Don: Lace Hen Lace for years determined
69   Patrick Christian Gilbt Clark expired
70   Jon Callin Mich: Callin & David Callister expired
71   Thomas Curlott Jon Curlott Thomas Curlott aged 50 years
72   Wm Craine Wm Craine his father Wm Craine aged 50 years
73   Mr Sam Watleworth John Watleworth Ann Watleworth aged 60 years
74   John Caine Ballagirr Andrew Caine for years expired
75   Hugh Craine & Jon Harrison Hen Caine expired
76   Jon Corris Hen Caine for years determined
77   Jon Callin Hen Caine pred determined
78   Jon Cannell & partners Nicho Arthur for years deterrmined
79   Jo: Quayle & partners Jon Quayle his father expired
80   Ellin Christian Sill: Ellesson for years determined
81   Wm Callister Dan: Callister Wm Callister aged 60 years
John Callister aged 58 years
82   Sill Caine Hugh Caine for years determined
83   Jon Caine Wm Caine for years
(inserted above formerly Dan: Lace years deter)
84   Jon Shimin Tho Shimin for years determined
85   Hugh Colbin Hugh Colbin his grandfather expired
86   Thomas Caine Thos: his father Thos Craine aged 60 years
Wm Kaighen 61 years
Tho Waterson 58 years
87   Hen Waterson and partners Uxor [wife of] William Crellin for years
(inserted note this is for lives m. of Com Book 1643)
  Determined Expired
88   Hen Ratcliffe grandchild to Hen Ratcliffe   Thos Ratcliffe aged 67 years
Wm Cooper 60 years
89   Cha: Cowle & Wm Lace Tho Quine p[?] Tho Quine aged 70 years &
Jon Quilliam aged 72 years
 90   Wm Quine Jon Quilliam for [unreadable] Jon Quilliam pred determined
91   Thomas Quirk Tho: Mcylechrist for terme of years determined
92   Hugh Shimin Hugh his father Thos Shimin aged 50 years
Wm Kaighen 60 years
93   ThomasKaighen Ro: Kaighen Tho: Kaighen aged 50 years
94   Phillip Clucas Hen Clucas Jon Caine aged 60 years
95   Ann Crellin Patri Quirck expired
96   Jon Killip Gilbt Kaighen expired
97   Sill Mcylechrist Gilbt Mclechrist Sill Mcylechrist aged 51 years and
Wm Shimmin aged 60 years
98   Rich: Crellin yet in being   Rich Crellin 60 years and
Wm Shimin afforesd
99   Wm Sumpter and partners Peter Sumpter Tho Ratcliffe aged 67 years
100   Wm Ratcliffe Tho Gremsher expired
101   Captn Tho Woods Jon Woods Tho: Woods aged 60 years
Geo Woods 55 years & Thom Norris 48 years
102   Jon Woods Wm Kaighen Hen Kaighen aged 52 years
103   Thos Waterson Wm Waterson Tho: Waterson aged 58 years &
Jon Waterson aged 50 years
104   Ro: Cannell Wm Cannell Kathrin Cannell alledged to be alive in Dublin
105   Jon Cowley the grandfather expired
106   Jon Cowley Peter Cowley Jon Cowley aged 51 and
Patrick Cowley 49 years
107   Don: Curleod Mold: Curleod Jon Curleod aged 60 years
108   Jon Craine & ptners Wm Craine Jon Craine alledged to be alive in[England ?]
109   William Gell Inno: Sankey Thomas and William Sankey alledged to be alive in England
110   Wm Cooper Richard Bridson Jane Bridson aged 56 years
111   Margt Halsall Don Curleod expired
112   Thomas Waterson Mrgt Killey expired
113   Hen Quirk Jon Gell & Alice the wife of Don: Gell expired
114   Jon Killey Wm Killey of the Burne Jon Killey aged 60 years
115   Wm Fairbrother & James Young Tho: Fairbrother & Wm Fairbrother Wm Fairbrother aged 70 years
116   Wm Fairbrother yet in being renewed Anno 1666 Wm Cooper Jun aged 40 years
117   William Cooper Sr Wm Cosnahan in behalf of Ellin his daughter expired
118   Cha Cannell Sr William Cosnahan in behalf of Eliz his daughter expired
119   Jon Quirk Sr William Cosnahan in behalf of Ann his daughter expired
120   William Killey Rich Killey for lives determined
121   Wm Callin Issa Sherlock ? for lives determined
122   Wm Gell Margt Cooper expired
123   Hugh Shimin ? Shimin expired
124   Patrick Crellin Patr: his grandfather Thom: Craine aged 64 years
125   Henery Crellin Rich Crellin expired
126   Don: Corrin Henery Corrin for years determined
127   Jon Cannell and partner Salsbury Costean & Kathrin: Casement for years determined
128   Wm Mcychrist [sic] Tho Mcylchrist determined
129   Phillip Kelly Phil: Patrick Kelly Phillip Kelly aged 50 years
130   Thomas Gell Hen: Gell Thos Gell aged 80 years
131   Patrick Cowle James Cowle Wm Shimin aged 60 years &
Phillip Kelly 50 years
132   Patrick Kewley Nich: Kewley Phill Cross aged 52 years
133   Ellin Freer Thomas Freer renewed Anno 1666 Phill: Crellin aged 30 years
Patrick Kewley aged 48 &
Thomas Bridson aged 30 years
134   Jon Crellin Sill Cross Thomas Craine aged 64 years. and
Edw Cross alledged to be alive in Ireland
135   Hen Crellin Thomas Crellin expired
136   Hen Crellin pred & partners Patr: Cross Jon Kewley alledged to be alive in Ireland
137   [unreadable on printout] Jon Crellin Wm Shimmin aged 60 years
138   Thomas Gell and Henery Gell Jon Gell Margt Gell aged 50 years &
William Killip aged 52 years
139   William Kewley Fin ? Quirk Cooney Quirk aged 53 years
140   Chas Shimin Thos Killip Jo: Killip aged 60 &
Wm Killip aged 52 years
141   Patrick Gell for Kathn: Gell Jon Gell expired
142   Jon Gell Thomas Gell Thomas Gell aged 80years
143   Wm Mcychrist yet in being   Wm Mcychrist aged 65 [unreadable] 50 years [ ]
144   Nicho: Gell Finloe his father expired
145   Hen Kelly & Christian Killey Jon Killey expired
146   Jon Gell William Gell Ann Gell aged 50 years
147   Phillip Keneogh Wm Keneogh expired
148   Wm Quirk Rich Cottier & ?onainod ? Quirk for a terme of years determined
149   Wm Shimin and partners Wm Shimin Gilbt Shimin [] for years determined
150   Gilbt Craine Robt Craine expired
151   Jon Killip and Jon Gell Ro: Crellin William Crellin aged 53 years
152   Jon Sayle Phillip Sayle and Rob Crellin Robt Stevenson aged 63 years
153   Gilbt Craine Gilbt Kaighen expired
154   Fin ? Gell ?om Gell for years determined
155   Wm Kaighen Thomas Kaighen Wm Kaighen aged 58 years
156   Jon Kaighen Jon Kaighen [] Thom Kaighen 55 years
157   Jon Kaighen Jon Kaighen jun [] Jon Kaighen aged 80 years
158   Thomas Cannell and Edward Sayle Jon Killey Jon Caine aged 60 years
159   Robt Boddagh Wm Boddagh Ro ? Boddagh aged 52 years
160   William Shimin Jon Shimin Thomas Shimin aged 80 years
Wm Shimin 60 years
161   Jon Killip and partners Wm Shimin for years determined
162   Henery Crellin Hugh Shimin Hugh Shimmin aged 50 years
Wm Kaighen aged 60 years
163   Jon Lowney Phill: Garrett ? expired
164   Wm Mcychrist and William Killey Thomas Mcylchrist & Rich Killey for years determined
165   Patrick Kewley Tho Crellin in behalf of Jon Mcylchrist for years determined
166   Thomas Cannell and Jon Cowley Patr Cowley and Jon Killey Jon Caine Largedon ? aged 60 years
167   Phillip Cubbon Tho: Cubon Alice Cubbon aged 47 years
168   Hugh Shimin milnor [miller] Jon Killey } determined
169   Hugh Shimin pred Fin: ? Shimin both for years  
170   Hugh Shimin pred and his partners Thomas Lock expired
171   Jon Quirk and Margt Oates Tho: Oates Jon Caine aged 60 years and
Margt Oates aged 61 years
172   Jony Killip Martin Cross for years determined
173   Patrick Kewley and Patrick Cowle Jon Boddaugh expired
174   William Moor and Sampson Ratcliffe Chas Ratcliffe expired
175   Thomas Keneagh Thomas Keneagh his father Jon Keneagh aged 56 years
176   Henery Dawson Hen Crellin Alice Crellin aged 56 years
177   Jon Harrison & partners Thomas Harrison and partners for a parcell of Reast or Barron Land and compounded for as above Wm Moor aged 50 years
Wm Harrison 30 years
178   Capt Thomas Ratcliffe for the Salmon fishing at Peele expired

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