St Brendan

Kneen points out that there are many (10?) Irish Saints named Brenainn but thinks that it was Brendan the Navigator, abbot of Clonfert, who was intended.
c. 486- c. 575 Born near Tralee, became monk and later Abbot; main centre of activity was Western Ireland.
Feast day May 16
His cult was strong, especially in Ireland, from the mid 9th C. It was however the visionary fairy story Navigation of St. Brendan which dates from the 10-11th C that made him truely well known. This romance, almost certainly completely fictional, deriving from Irish folklore and apocryphal Christian writings, was composed by an expatriate Irish monk. In it St Brendan voyaged with a band of monks to an island of promise in the Atlantic and accomplished incredible exploits.

Patron saint of Braddan Parish



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