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Parish of Braddan

The Register of this parish begins in 1626. There are no entries of any interest till the time of the Rev Patrick Thompson, who was vicar from 1633 to 1689.

In 1636, under burials, there is the curious entry, " Drapar’s wife."

1641, " John Thompson son to Sr Patricke and Ane Fletcher his mother died the same day and was buryed the day after being Munday. Mr Thos Allin preached funeral sermon."

1646, Mr Rd Calcott de Nunery gent ffeb 5th" (buried).

1675, " Poore Calling’s wife, May 2" (buried).

1689, Three members of a family died within 2 months, " The son first and then the mother and last of all the father". The vicar wrote his own epitaph, which may be seen on a large stone by the south door of the church, during his lifetime. It is as follows " Here underlyeth the body of the Reverend Mr Patrick Thompson, minister of God’s word 40 years, at present vicar of KkBradan, aged 67, anno 1673, deceased ye 4 of April an 1689.

There are no further entries of interest till the Rev John Curghey’s time (1704-33).

1704, " John Craine ye clarke of this parish was buryed the 3rd Octr 1704. He came to church the day before he died to do his office, being the Sabbath-day and went home to his house and died on Monday. He was near the age of 80 years when he died and read without spects (sic) all the days of his life and was an honest man and well beloved of his parish."

In 1724-5, 97 people died of small-pox.

1729, " Mr William Thwaits of the city of Dublin, who retired to this Island that he might (as he oft declared) with less distraction apply himself to the duties of religion, a gentleman of exemplary piety and extensive charity. He departed this life on Fryday the 12th and was buried on Munday the 15th of December 1729 in the chancel of Kk Bradan by the Nunnery seat."

1733-50 John Cosnahan, vicar.

1733, " Brian My Can a poor Irish stranger" (buried).

1733, " Wm Cleary a poor man that dyed in Capt Fletcher’s miln."

1734, " John Wood of the Nunnery Esq and Major General of this Isle was buried Septr 22."

1737, " Whereas a gallery is thought to be necessary to be erected in Kk Braddan Church for the benefit of the inhabitants and the cottage holders of Douglas ; It is agreed on that the same shall be built in such a manner as the Rt Rev the Lord Bishop shall direct, and the same to be done at the expense of the town and parish viz—the Parish to pay two thirds of the charge and the said Town the other third, on consideration of which the wardens of Douglas for the time being, as also from time to time for the future, shall collect and pay a third part of all assessments for repairing the church and gallery to Parish Wardens, the present town Wardens paying such assessments as they are in arrear in proportion as above agreed."

Signed " John Cosnahan, Vicar."

This gallery was made the same year, so that the Wardens were able to allot the whole of the body of the church to the quarterland holders in accordance with the following entry : " We the Wardens of this Parish together with the following assists have this day regulated the seats of this church according to an order of the Spiritual Court having allotted one seat to two quarterlands in manner following. ‘ ‘ The names of the quarterlands follow, and then below them we find written " The within and above regulation allowed of and signed by us : Evan Corlett, John Cowley, Paul Stephen, Phill Cannell, Jno. Gelling (wardens), Wm Clucas, John Clague, Robt Kelly, Peter Moore, Anthony Whiteside (assists)".

1738, " Robt Clague ffidler" (buried).

1741, " John McYlwrath, Cooper, who laid violent hands on himself was interred without the church-yard fence and without Christian burial notwithstanding the verdict of the Jury June 4th."

1744, " John Cannel perished in Douglas harbour at ye herring fishing and buried 19th Sept."

1746, " Hugh Cannel a penitt pious soul."

1750-1768, " Joseph Cosnahan, son of John Cosnahan, vicar."

1760, " Pursuant to the Rt Revd Father in God Mark Ld Bp of Sodor and Mann’s order of visitation bearing date June 1st 1758 the beforegoing Regr of Baptisms Marriages and Burials were transcribed out of the old Parish Regrs whose date it bears. And accordingly was faithfully examined and compared with the sd old Regrs as certified by us this 25th day of Jany 1760 Robt Kelly John Kewley (wardens) Joseph Cosnahan (vicar). At a Chapter Court holden in Douglas June 16th 1760, the Wardens of Kk Bradan are ordered to pay the Revd Mr Cosnahan, the Vicar, the sum of thirty shills Britt out of the Publick Assessmt for his trouble in transcribing the beforegoing Register of Baptisms Marriages and Burials out of the old Regr

Ro Radcliffe
Matths Curghey.’


1768-1786.—Thomas W. J. Woods, Vicar.

1773.—The cess found by the Wardens, Paul Gelling, Wm. Kermode, ,Jon Kewley, and Robt Leece for the service of the current year, being to repair the Church and put . it wholly in proper order, is rated at 12 shills and Intacks in proportion, and stands thus




































Douglas proportion














This date, 1773, is on the tower. It is erroneously stated by Wm. Harrison (Manx Soc. Vol. 29, p. 110) that this Church was re-erected in this year. The date of the building of the present old Church is unknown. The site is a very ancient one, a synod having been held in a former Church there by Bishop Mark in 1291.

1774.—Lars Beudron, a Danish seaman, who perished in Douglas Harbour April 21.

1778.—Hugh Mylrea, falling into Douglas Pier, was unfortunately drowned.

1779.—Mr John Moore of Pulroish, aged 76. This is the first instance in which the age is mentioned in an ordinary entry, without comment.

1782.—-Robert Craine of Ballabunt, John Cray, Thomas Oates and Thomas Quayle, having been at the Herring fishing Octr 23rd at night and a violent storm arising, the wind at North, the boat was blown off the Coast near Douglas and they perished the day following on the Welsh shore.

1784.—Jany 25. The Reverend Philip Moore Chaplain of Douglas and Rector of kk Bride, a most worthy clergyman ; whose piety and zeal, whose learning, human and divine, brilliancy of wit and sagacity of intellect will be long admired and held in respectable remembrence (sic)

1785.—Thomas Christian of Douglas laid violent hands on himself by cutting his own throat ; but being acquitted by a jury as insane, his corpse was interr’d in the Church Yard. This shows a more liberal feelingin such matters (see ante).

1786.—The Rev Thos Wm Joseph Woods, Vicar of this parish, a worthy clergyman. Feby 20th (buried).

1786.—Julius Cosnahan, son of Joseph Cosnahan and nephew of T. W. J. Woods, was appointed Vicar but died in August of the same year. His successor was John Moore, Vicar-General, 1786-1791. " Hugh Kinish of Douglas, Northside Post, was unfortunately drowned in Lezayre river on his road from Ramsey to Peele and buried at kk Santan. Novr’ 8th"

1787 - Mrs Isabel Fotheringham, an American lady.
" . . . . . daur of Douglas being an idiot. aged 24 years, her coffin being about three feet long."
" Wm Hall (mariner) from Whitehaven unfortunately perished in Douglas Harbour."
" John Kelly perished in the river."

1790.—William Paul Buck buried. Buck’s-road, in Douglas, was called after him.

1791—" The Rev John Moore, Vicar of this Parish, at Kk Arbory" (buried).
" Robert Kewley, a young man who died of ‘an accidental blow given with a stave at Liverpool."

1792-1809—Robert Quayle, Vicar.

1792—" Margaret Moore, commonly called Peg Veg" (buried).

1793—" Robt Callister, a youth, who accidentally fell down the precipice at Ballamoaney into the strand & was bruised to death on the evening of Sunday 17th & buried at Kk Santan 19th Feby."

1794—Jany 6th J C Douglas, who having been for some time lunatick absented himself on Monday 6th inst, was found perished on the beach near Castletown on Wednesday the 8th & interred the 11th."
" Thos Hampton, Ballybunt, who was found perished on the road in Kk Marown on the morning of Sunday the 2nd Febry & interred the 4th."

1799—" Edward Kissack who was shot through the breast with a fowling piece by Andrew Thompson on the mountain in Kk Marown on Tuesday 26th Octr & interr’d 28th."

The commonest surnames in this parish are Kelly, Cubbon, Kewley, Clague, Moore, Oates, Corrin, Lewin, Gelling, and Corooin.

There are three curious girls’ names " Koonee," " Wera," and " Malarge."


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