[Taken from The Manx Church Magazine vol 3 #9 Sep 1893 p. cxxxix]

There is not a great amount of news to chronicle this month, so we may as well give Braddan readers the benefit of a few remarks addressed to the " Editor of Braddan Notes" by a visitor, who appears to take great interest in our doings in Braddan. The letter is as follows


" Dear Sir,—As a regular visitor to Kirk Braddan, I beg to offer a few remarks on my observations in your parish. My apology for so doing being my deep interest in, and kindly regard for, a place endeared to me by many pleasant associations, chief among them being old Parson Drury, whose simple earnest sermons I have often listened to in bygone days. Having said so much by way of introduction, and proceeding with my remarks, I may say I am at present enjoying my annual summer holiday, and have in my walks abroad been taking stock of various matters which may be of interest to your readers, and if you think so you are at liberty to make use of them or not as you think best.

Well, to begin with the Church, I attended service there one morning recently and was much pleased with the tones of your new organ. I remember it was spoken of when I was over last year, and I am glad to find that the matter has been carried to such a satisfactory finish. After the service I inspected the oak case, with which I was also much pleased ; it appears to me to suit the architecture of the church admirably. I am sorry I can’t say as much for the furniture, &c., of the chancel, but I hope on my next visit to find that something has been done to make that also more in accordance with the architecture of the church. I know these things cost money, but with the energetic workers you seem to have in Braddan there ought not to be much difficulty in raising funds. Another improvement which it gives me much pleasure to note is the three stained-glass windows in west-end of church, which are new since I was last at Braddan. They add greatly to the appearance of the sacred edifice. Why has not some-thing been done about the spire ? I know things can’t all be done at once, but still I am surprised that no movement has been made—as far as I can learn—to improve the present unfinished appearance of the tower. Perhaps there is an idea that the re-erection of the spire should not be undertaken for the same reason (as I learn from the guide book) that prevented a roof being placed on St Trinions. Still, I think you might risk it, and make an effort to complete your otherwise beautiful church. Another matter that I would like to utter a " growl" about is the state of the old church, I mean the inside of it. It is not~ always open, but I managed to gain an entrance, and was sorry to see the state of disrepair into which it has fallen. I am not a Manxman, nor have I any family ties connecting me with the old church, but nevertheless I feel that something should be done to preserve it in decent order. I was told it was spoken of at the last Easter Vestry, so perhaps I shall find things different on my next visit. So much as a relief to my fault finding spirit, and as a set off to what I have said about the old church, I hasten to acknowledge the improvements made at the cemetery. I went into the mortuary chapel, and was relieved to find that it has been made more like what such a building should be, and very greatly improved since last summer. I also noted with satisfaction a very pretty building at the gates, which I learn is used as an office and place for transacting business in connection with burials. I had not an opportunity of attending a church-yard service this year (the rain on several Sunday quite put a stop to these unique gatherings), but I hear that your present Vicar continues to conduct them with entire success, and that his preaching is much valued by the many thousands who annually hear his voice. On the whole, then, I note that you are progressing in Braddan, and that many improvements have taken place since last year, and in the sincere hope that such progress may continue, and apologising for the liberty I have taken in writing to you.—I am, dear sir, yours truly,


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