Braddan Burials 1789/1790

These are transcribed here as they were missed from the IoM Family History Society Transcription of the Burial Register - they were transcribed from the original register.

Townley in his diary noted the many deaths of children from smallpox as occuring during this period.

Will child of Willm Lowney

Sept 8th

Child of Will Fayle to Marown

Sept 11

Child of James Bell (mariner)

Sept 12

Child of Jno Kewley to Marown

Sept 12

Jane/Child of Jno Kewley (Ballanaird )

Sept 16th

Child of Jno Kewley to Marown

Sept 23

Jno Wilson at the New Chapel Douglas

Sept 24

Catherine Quayle

Sept 29th

Mr Pugmore to Onchan

Oct 3rd

Elinr daughter of Willm Cannel

Oct 4th

Jane Bridson als Cubon to Marown ?

Oct 19th

Willm Child of Doctr Scott to Onchan

Oct 20th

James Corran (Cosney) Douglas

Nov 19th

Willm Child of James Curphey shoemaker

Nov 26th

Jane child of Nichols Gelling Douglas

Dec 8th

Mrs Deborah Labat to Onchan

Dec 9th

James McShay Douglas

Dec 9th

Jno Cowle Douglas

Dec 20th

Cath: Infant of Willm Bell Doug:

Dec 21st



Maths Infant of Thoms Corlet (Douglas)

Jan 11th

Daughter of Charles Gelling to Onchan

Jan 17th

Willm Curphy Herring Currer (Doug:)

Jan 19th

Elizabth Kelly als Lewney

Feb 2d

Cath: Fletcher als Brown Doug:

Feb 8th

Peter Jno Heywood Esqre

Feb 10th

Miss Dorothy Teneson to St Anne's

Feb 15th

Edwrd Williams Doug:

Feb 26th

Mary Child of Jno Quay

Mar 2d

Philip Vinch Mariner

Mar 3rd

William Crie Doug:

Mar 12th

Burials 1790


Isabl Cottier als Conner

Mar 18th

Maths Carin Doug:

Mar 23d

Esther Child of Thoms Kinread

Apr 2d

James Garret to Onchan

Apr 8th

Anne Child of Willm Quayle

Apr 9th

Jno Child of Jno Cannel

Apr 10th

James Child of Jno Quayle

Apr 11th

Jno Child of Jno Caine Doug:

Apr 12

Elizabth Child of Robt Caine

Apr 14th

Jane Child of Thoms Curphey

Apr 15th

Jno Child of Capt Joseph Clark

Apr 26th

Margt Cubbon als Brew (Cronk bane)

Apr 28th

Mary Wilson to the new Chapel

Apr 28th

Robt Comish to Kk Arbory

Apr 28th

Jane Yowart als Flemming

Apr 28th

Robert Child of Robt Cottier

Apr 29th

Robt & Isabl Children of Robt Caley

May 4th

Anne Crejeen als Quine

May 13th

Mary Killip als Garret

May 13th

Willm Kewley

May 15th

Edwrd Kelly to Onchan

May 16th

Catharine Quayne als Tear

May 17th

Willm Child of Alexandr Maxwell

May 18th

Child of Willm Fayle to Marown

May 28th

Isabel Caine als Kewley (nomoad)

Jun 18th

Harriet Child of Henry Parker

Jun 27th

Anne Cannon (spinster) to Onchan

Jun 27th

Philp Child of Phil Quirk to St Anne's

Jun 29th

Lucy Child of Jno Stephen

Jul 2d

Casar Child of Jno Joseph Bacon Esq Onchan

Jul 6th

Thoms Child of Capt Jno Quayle

Jul 9th

Margt Child of Henry Cain

Jul 11th

Jane Cottier als Comish

Jul 15th


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