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Kirk Arbory - St Columba

Kirk Arbory - St Columba

According to Kneen parish is dedicated to two saints: St Cairpre of Coleraine and St. Columba. Kirk Carbery mutating to Kirk Arbory by 1703.
The old church stood to the south of and parallel to the current building. After some dispute with the Duke of Atholl as to the need for a new church (since he would have to fund much of it) the new church was dedicated on Nov 1 1759 by Bishop Hildesley. A new chancel being added in 1763. 1886 saw extensive repairs including new pews.

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pre 1915 viewThe church is built of limestone and before its current grey pebble dash it was whitewashed. The church originally had a typical Manx dovecot tourelle with two bells. The bell tower was added in 1915 - though as the guide states no one can admit it is in keeping with the main building

The churchyard (new ones were added in 1885 to the North and in 1923 to the left of the path) contains many memorials to the Stevenson and Maddrell families. Dr Clague, author of Manx Reminiscences is buried here.

Guide bookA History of the Parish of Kirk Arbory and its Church of St. Columba 1959 : Parish

(early postcard (c) from M. Kelly collection - used by permission)

Belle Abbey Church - Keeil-my-Shee Colby

Colby Church

Building originally a public house, then refashioned into two cottages before becoming a church in 1880, originally known as Colby Mission Church and later Belle Abbey.
In August 1997 dedicated to St Cairbre.

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Our Heritage Memories of the past in Rushen Book One p28/9

Friary Chapel - Bemaccan

Friary Chapel - Bemaccan

The remains of a chapel of the Franciscan Monastery founded in 1367 on an older Celtic site. The chapel appears to date from the foundation as the masonry resembles the 14th work carried out at Castle Rushen for the founder. Later used a farm building following the dissolution in 1540 - now under the care of Manx National Heritage.

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