Composition Book - Kk Arbory [c. 1660]

The cover has the name James Chaloner and mentions Thomas Fairfax - thus dating it around 1660

[p156 + verso - the hand is generally untidy and quite difficult to read - last 3 entries in 3 different hands - see elsewhere for Composition Records]

Will Key holdeth the 3rd pt of a quarter of land for thre lives viz Wm & Thomas his sons and Kathrin his daughter all in being fine pd 15s and rent 9s (?) - granted 1643
[?part of the quarter called the Kerrow Manaugh of 18s double rent ]

Ewan Handley [?] holdeth a certain cottage for 2 lives @ of thomas his son and of Jo & Will his brothers al in being paid fyne 12d and rent 4d granted 1644

Gilbert Quinney holdeth dm qtr of land for the lives of Gilbert and of Wm and Alice his children all in being - paid fyne 15 s ? rend 22s granted 1643

Gilbert Clarke holdeth [] certain intacks for 3 lives viz of the said Gilbert and John his son of Edwad Cloaug son of Will Cloug - of whom the said Gilbert is dead and now in the possess of John his son payd fyne 16d and rent 4d granted in 1643

Richard Knahill holdeth a parcell of intacks for the lives of his son Rich and of Issabl his wife and John his son all lives in being payd fyne 12d and rent 2d granted 1644

Thomas Taggard holdeth certaine intack Lords land for 21 years paid fyne 18d and rent 6d granted 1643 [above is this at k Malew]

Henry Madrell holds a quarter of land for 3 lives @ of Wm Thomas & Robt his sons - al in being fyne paid 30s and rent 3s 9d granted 1643

William Kennig holds half a quarter of ground for 3 lives @ of the said Will and Will his son all in being - paid 15s and rent 21 s ? granted 1643

John Quillin Bodagh a lease of the 4th pt of a quarter land and certain intacks for 3 lives @ of the said John Quillin and of John Huddleston son of Will Hudleston of Balrett and od Wm Madrell son of Henry Madrell all the lives in being paid fyne 8s and rent 9s granted 1643

William Comish houlds ye half a qutr of land for 3 lives vidz for ye lif of the sd William and of John his brother and Elizabeth his daughter paid fine 15s 2d rent refound ? and paid 1 1s 4d granted ano 1643 all the lives yet in being

Gilbert Mair houlds a certain cottage for ye lease of 3 lives vizt for ye lives of the sd Gilbert and of Issabel ? and Alice his children paid fyne 6d the rent refound ? and paid []

William Kenvig holds a certain prcll of intack and certain prcll of [] for 3 lives viz for ye life of Mary his daughter and [] Oates and Isabell Oates children of [] his daughter and [] [] paid fyne 2s ye rent refound and paid 1 ? all ye lives in being

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