[Transcribed from Kk Andreas Visitation 1757 Manx Museum MS 01164 C]

Answers to the nine last Articles of Inquiry proposed by the Right Rev Father in God, Mark, Lord Bishop of Sodor & Man, when his Lordship & his Vicar General made their parochial visitation at the parish Church of Kk Andrew's 27 July 1757.

Article (3) The Mansion house & outhouses Rectorial & Vicarial, Whether in due Repair, or decent order or not ?

An. The slate part of the Mansion house wants pointing - the stable and barn in good repair - the Brewhouse wants thatching - a Cowhouse and kiln formerly belonging to the Rectory are gone to ruin.

(The above Article inserted thro' mistake being answered at visitation)

(4) Glebe Lands, Ministers & parish Clerk's ?

What & whether any Terrier hath ever been returned to be recorded in the Episcopal Registry

An. The denomination & boundaries of the Rector's glebe are vizt:

1st The Boaley veg, bounded by the highroad on the south, by the Kinry's croft on the east & north, and by a road between the Boaley veg & the Clerk's new intack & McSayle's Intack on the west

2nly The Lieaney woar, bounded by Ramsey highroad & Thos Cowle's intack on the east, by the Arn woar on the south & west and by the highroad leading to Kk Bride & Thos Cowle's Intack on the north.

3dly The Arn woar & the Rheast adjoining it on the north, bounded by the Lieaney woar on the east by the road from Ramsey Highroad to the church on the south, by the road from the church passing to the Rectory house & garden on the west, and by the highroad to Kk Bride on the north.

4thly The Faiy Oalyn bounded by the highroad to Ramsey on the east, by the Clerk's glebe on the south, & by the road leading from Ramsey highroad to the church on the north.

5thly The Faiy or Flat adjoining the church yard, bounded by the highway between Ballvoddan's land & the said flatt on the south by the glebe meadow hedge & part of Ballavoddan's land called Kronk y Foalt on the west by the Bog belonging to the glebe on the north and by the Clerk's glebe, the church yard & the road between the church & the rectory house on the east.

6thly The glebe meadow and the Ellan or Island, bounded by Ballavoddan's and Ballasteen's land on the south & west, by the Faiy or flat last mentioned on the east as also in the north corner

7thly The Bog and the Rheast adjoining to it, bounded by Kronk y Toalt and Radcliffe's close on the west, by a small intack of Danl Kaneen's on the north, and by the road passing by the Rectory house to & from the church on the east.

8thly The easement at the church cross, bounded by the churchyard on the west, by the clerk's glebe on the south, by the Arn woar & the road to the rectory house from the church on the north, and by the road from Ramsey highroad to the church on the east.

9thly The Haggard adjoining the barn & stable on the east, and another old Haggard or small garden adjpoining the first mentioned haggard on the north.

10thly The garden adjoining the Mansion house

The clerk's glebe consisting of one field or flat, is bounded by Ramsey highroad on the east, by the highroad between Ballavoddan's land & the clerk's glebe on the south, by the flat belonging to the Archdeacon's glebe which adjoins the churchyard on the west, and by faiy Oalyn & the easment at the church cross on the north.

(5) Parochial Library

Where kept, and a just & fair catalogue of the Books ?

An. At the Rectorial Mansion house, in the Curate's custody, a catalogue whereof hath been delivered to the Episopal Register. [see Libraries]

(6) Benefactions

To the church, minister, poor, school, What, when & by whom given

An. none to the church, minister or school - a parcel of Intack Land in Kk Christ Lezayre in the Cyurragh of ten pence Rent, formerly purchased from John Barry and now commonly called the Farmer's Close bequeathed by John Kneal about the year 1692 for the use in sd John Kneale's will mentioned

The rent thereof to be distributed yearly to such poor necessitated or decayed Farmers or two, as the minister & wardens should find cause and if none such, then to be distributed among the poorest sort of said parish-

Another legacy bequeathed by Alice Lace, being the Interest of twenty shillings yearly to the poor of said parish.

[see charities]

How secured, & by whom, & in what manner applied

An. The rent of the above Farmer's close is yearly distributed to such poor farmers as suffer loss when there are such; otherwise to the poor of the parish according to the words of the will - the said close is at present in the occupation of Mr Charles Lace of Ballacrebbin in this parish - and the money bequeathed by Alice Lace is secured by bond from Thomas Brew of this parish and the sd interest is yearly distributed to the poor with the rest of the poor money or Alms.

What is the usual amount of each Collection at your Communioms

An. About twelve shillings on Easter Even, and about the same sum on Easter day - about seven shillings and eight pence at Christmas and about five shillings & eightpence at Whitsuntide, & much the same at the communion in the latter end of harvest.

When, how & by whom is the money disposed of ?

An Generally once a year, vizt soon after Easter to the poor of the parish by the curate & wardens, but the last collection at Whitsuntide was soon afterwards distributed among the poorest sort

(7) Sacrament of Baptism

How often are you called to administer private baptism ?

An about eight times the last year, & six times this year

Are Infants so baptized (if they recover) constantly admitted into the Congregation

An. They are duly

Have you reason to suspect that your Parishionrs sometimes give you needless trouble on this aerticle ?

An I have not.

Do women, after lying in, constantly & decently repair to church, to give publick thanks for their safe delivery, & also make the offering in time & place, as the rubrick requires.

An. They do

(8) Sacrament of the Lord's Supper

How often publickly administered in your church

An. four times a year, at Christmas, Easter, Whitsuntide & the latter end of harvest.

How often to sick & dying persons, as near as you can compute comm: Ann ?

An. I cannot be particular in this aerticle but as often as I hear of have notice of sick persons, I visit them, and they, generally during their sickness, receive the sacrament.

Are you careful to observe the sabbath with respect to notorious offenders ?

An I am.

How many, as near as you can compute, communicate publickly ?

at Easter ? An. about four hundred
Whitsuntide ? An. about eighty
Christmas ? An about the same number as at Whitsuntide

(9) Preaching & Catechizing

How often do you preach in the manks tongue ?

An Generally in Manks, but seldom in Enfglish

How often do you publickly expound the Catechism ?

An Generally in the Spring & Summer season, and would oftner were I not sometimes prevented thro' the disorder or malady that attends me

(10) Parish Petty Schools

How often do you visit your parish school ?

An. There is no schoolhouse belonging to this parish, but the school is kept in the Church - I frequently visit them but find few children duly attend the school, except in winter & spring time - There hath been publick notice frequently given as well by the Curate as Schoolmaster to send their children to school, and some few children come now to be instructed.

(11) Parochial Perambulation

How often do you go the bounds of your parish ?

An. I have not been able, since I came to this parish, to undergo the fatigue of such a journey on foot, but I shall, with God's assistance, as soon as I am able

(12)Parochial Charge

see annexed

John Gill Curate of Kk Andrew's

Patrick Kneale , John Teare X, John Sayle X, Willm Radcliffe X, Wardens


[John Gill, 1708-1772, was Vicar of Lezayre from 1761 to his death]

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