[from Manx Church Magazine vol 2 #1 pI 1892]

Extract from Andreas Parish Register.

The Andreas register begins in 1666.

Charles Wattleworth (curate, circa 1720) writes

" The old church registry is much defaced, torn and abused, which (sic) was made by Sir John Huddlestone, curate, of Kirk Andreas, under the Rev Jonathan Fletcher, Archdeacon of this Isle and chaplain of the Earl of Derby, which is transcribed and writ in this new registry, as far as the names could be read and understood (beginning in 1666, after the restoration of the royal family, six years), by me, Charles Wattleworth."

The following is the only other entry worth recording : " On Sunday evening, the 9th day of September 1759 there was a very great thunder and lightning from all parts of the horizon such as has not been known in the memory of man, insomuch that a stook of rye corn belonging to James Wade in Crot y Can was set on fire and entirely reduced to ashes thereby. The like happened the same night to a stook of the same kind of corn belonging to John Brew of the Gilcaugh. The fire was within ten yards of Wade’s house yet did no damage, neither was there any sign of fire or blast to be seen the next day, save only in the very spot where the fire happened."

The commonest surnames in this parish are . Radcliffe; Teare, Kneale, Cowle, Sayle, Corlett, Brew, and Kermode.

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