[Transcribed from Kk Andreas Presentments, 1762]

List of non-attendees at church 1761

Churchwardens: Charles lace, Jon Kneal, Charles Moore, Wm Tear

Chap Quest: Philip Kewn, Dan: Christian, Thomas Kinread ab:, Wm Christian ab:

Wm Mylrea Rector

A: 29th Nov 1761 being the last Sunday in the Month, The wardens and Chapter Quest present that the rector this day preached an English sermon

[in 1766 Visitation(MM MS00792 C)was a comment by the Rector about how often he preached in Manks - Every Sunday since the new charge to the wardens was delivered, saving 2 or 3 sermons in english tongue; for each of which the rector has been presented but through the kindness, indulgence of ye judges ecclestiastical has not been punished for wch favour he now returns thks]

B: 27th Decembr 1761. Last Sunday in the Month - vide annexed Catalogue of persons presented for not attending divine Service on St Thomas's Day

The Wardens and Chapter Quest present the following Persons, Heads of Families, for not attending divine Service on St Stephen's Day [ie 26th Dec], either by themselves, children or Servants (viz)

Dan Christian Ard:oanan
Jon Quark (Talbort)
John Quark (beg)
John Christian (rhey)
Arthur Lace
Jon Kewn (Goon)
Thos Sayle (Close)
Wm Kneal (ned)
Sam Kynley
Wm Radcliffe (Dalk)
Jno Radcliffe (Robin)
Mr Dan Christian
Ewan Kinney
Philip Cleator
Eliz Kewn widow
John Garret junr
Jon Kinney Shoemaker
John Lace (mite hill)
Gilbert Christian
Thomas Christian (Baney)
Thos Sayle (Ewan)
John Kelly (Mcylecharane)
Thos Corlett (Greddah)
Wm Stephens (Tailor)
John Garret senr
Thos Kinney junr
Margt Keig widow
Thos Sayle (Craig)
John Sayle (rhey)
Pat Keron
Thos Kneen
James Tear Ballawhane
Jno Quirk
Wm Tear (Derry)
Dan Cermoad
Pat Fargher
Richd Kneal
Jno Joughin
Wm Joughin
Jon Kee (Leodist)
Wid: Tear (Harry)
Wm Kneel (Chrink)
Edwd Camaish
Jon Tear (smeal)
James Tear (gemmey)
James Tear ?hecklor)
Gilbert Tear
Jon Sayle (smith)
James Fargher
John Sayle (smeal)
Dan Crinolt (Kyll: Kustjag)
Dan Lace
John Kneen
Wm Fargher
Pat: Cormoad
Phil Fargher
Dan: Cormoad
Jon Christian
Wm Cottier
Jon Lace
Mich Kaneen
Dan Cowle
Wid: Kneen
Thos Casement
Stanley Kneal
Pat Kneal
Jno Christian
Danl: Cowle (sen)
Geo Radcliffe
Jno Cannell
Christophr Sayle
Ewan Crow
Wm Kermod
Peter Lace
Pat Cowle
Wm Radcliffe Ballakelly
Wid Crain
Ewan Moore
Thos Christian
Wid: Cormaish
Stephen Brew

Wm Corlett
Richd Brew
Wm Radcliffe
Thos Corlett
Jon Brew (isables)
Davd Lawson
James Lawson
John Garret (millnr)
Wm Garret senr
John Lawson
Wm M'nemeer
Wm Tear


Churchwardens: Charles lace, Jon Kneal, Charles Moore, Wm Tear

Chap Quest: Wm Christian, Dan: Christian, Philip Kewn, Thomas Kinread

27th Decembr 1761 - The wardens & Chapter Quest agreeable to the second article of their Charge present the following Persons, Heads of Families for not attending divine Service on St Thomas's Day last either by themselves, Children or Servants (viz)

Danl Christian ab:
John Quark ab:
Arthur Lace
John Christian
John Quark
Margt Kneale
Thos Sayle
John Kneale
Wm Kneale
John Kewn
Margt Crowe
John Tear
John Radcliff
John Xtian
Sam: Kinley
Wm Radcliff
Danl Xtian
Ewan Harrison
Elizbth Kewn
Wm Cleator
Phillip Cleator
John Garrett Junr
Dan Xtian Garry
Thos Xtian
Jon Harrison
Gilbt Christian
Davd Lace
Michl Sayle
Phil Harrison
Thos Harrison
John Kelley
Margt Keig
Wm Steven
Thos Sayle
John Sayle
John Cleator
John Lace
Dan: Tear
Phillip Sayle
Phillip Sayle [second]
James Tear
Phillip Radcliffe
Patt Kewn
Ewan Skinner
Thos Harrison
Wm Kneale
John Brew Gilgaugh
Alice Brew Wid:
Ann Lace Wid:
Dal Lace
Chistopher Sayle
Gilbt Stepan
Thos Brew
Gilbt Kermoad
Wm Kermoad
Wm Radcliff
James Wade
Patt Cowll
Esther Brew
Margt Crebbin
Peter Lace
Thos Sayle smith
Danl Kenneen ?
Cath Tear wid:
Andrew Joughin
Phillip Sayle
Wm Daughardy
Wm Kneale
John Kee
Wm Cowll
Ewan Moor
Esther Crain Wid:
Patt Tear
Stephen Kneen
Thos Christian
Elinor Camaish
Wm Corlett
Wm Cross ?
Richd Brew
John Brew
Wm Radcliff
Thos Corlett
John Kneen
John Garrett
Wm Garrett
James Lawson
David Lawson
John Kneale
Wm M'nemeer
John Lawson
Xtophr Skinner
Wm Tear
Danl Christian
Thos Kneen
Wm Cleator
Phillip Crain
Wm Quirk
Danl Cormoad
Dan: Skinner
Thos Moor
James Tear
John Cleator Senr
Dan: Cormoad
John Cleator Junr
James Cleator
Wm Killip
Wm Joughin
John Joughin
Dan: Tear
Wm Crebbin
John Quirk
Wm Tear Derry
John Martin
John Cowll
James Garnett
Wm Kneen
Dan: Tear
Richd Kneale
Patt Fargher
James Tear
John Tear
Wm Corkill
John Sayle
Gilbt Tear
James Tear
James Fargher
John Sayle Smeal
Dan Crinill top ?
Dan: Lace
Jon Kneen
Wm Fargher
Phillip fargher
Dan Cormod
Thos Fargher
Thos Lace
John Corkill
Edw Camish
Elinor Tear Wid
Wm Kneale
Andrew Kneale
Dan; Cormod
Wm Tear

James Tear
Jon Cormod
Dan: Skinner
Dan: Wade
Jon Sayle
Dan: Sayle
Jon Xtian
Thos Xtian
Jon Harrison
Bahey Cowll
Wm Cottier
Wm Kanneen ?
Michl Kanneen
Jon Lace
Margery Harrison
Joney Kneen
Dan: Cowll
Stanley Kneale
George Radcliff
Jon Garrett
Thos Casment
Dan: Xtian
Wm Xtian
Dan: Cowll
Jon Kewn Dorlis ?
Patt Kneale
Robt Cannall
John Cannall



[A few readings I am not confident about indicated ?; it is not clear what the order is, possibly topographic ?]

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