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T E. Brown Memorial Service at Bristol


Clifton College

Clifton College. Where T.E. Brown was for many years Principal

The Bristol newspapers-" The Times and Mirror," and the "Western Daily Press" -have paid a good deal of attention to the articles contributed to the columns of the Isle of Man Examiner" by Mr W. Ralph Hall Caine, under the title of "The Lure of the West Country," and dealing in some detail with the last phase and passing of the Rev. T. E. Brown, the great Manx poet. The " Press" describes the series as delightful, and awards each an excellent half-column summary on its leader page.

Through private correspondence we gather that considerable interest has been aroused in the great city of Bristol and in its charming suburb. Redland, where the poet lies buried. " We are somewhat ashamed of our neglect through ignorance," is one of the expressions used; " but we have some excuse, inasmuch as twenty-four years had to pass before there was any specific public recognition of the poet's burial place by the Manx people." The memorial service at Redland Chapel on the 30th October, the anniversary of the poet's death, was a.unique tribute, and proved a revelation of genius, the Rev. H. J. Wilkins, D.D., framing his sermon with that end in view, quoting largely from both " Letters" and " Poems." Next year a good step forward should be possible in the way of recognition and study.

Miss Ethel Brown, the eldest daughter of the poet, who resided at " Keppel Gate," Richmond Wood-road, Bournemouth, has, we understand, written Dr. Wilkins expressing her warmest thanks and deepest appreciation of the efforts made. She was sending on, the newspaper extracts to Alfred, her only surviving brother, in New Zealand, when she received news of his sudden death. Thus, we believe, the male lane of the poet comes to an end.

W. R. H. C.


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