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Almost every member of the Manx Bar was present in the Douglas Court House on Thursday May 20th, to witness the unveiling of a tablet which has just been placed on the wall of the Court-room in honour of three young Manx lawyers who gave their lives for their country during the war. These lads will be well remembered by most Manx people:-Mr Robert Elliot Allen, son of the late Mr Thomas Allen, Captain of the Parish of Maughold, for 20 year, a member of the House of Keys, 24th May, 1915, at the age of 28 years; Mr Thomas Lewin, son of Mr T. R. Lewin, clerk to the I.O.M. Education Authority, who was killed near Armeneuere, on the 28th February, 1917, at, the age of 27; and Mr John Bell Nelson, son of Mr C. B. Nelson, of Ramsey, who died on the 22nd September, 1918, of wounds received near Beit Lid, Palestine, at the age of 24. Mr Nelson, a fine, lovable lad, had not completed his articles when he enlisted, and he attained the rank of captain and was awarded the Military Cross. The tablet, which is remarkably simple and yet noble, has been designed by Mr Archibald Knox, and executed by Mr T. S. Quayle, sculptor, of Douglas. The gathering included Mr W. M. Stewart. of Liverpool, who is the third oldest member of the Manx Bar, having been admitted in 1870, and giving precedence only to Messrs H. E. Gelling (Castletown) and W. F. Dickinson. Several parents of those members of the Bar who served or who died were present, as were a number of the local Justices of the Peace.

The Governor, at the call of the President of the Law Society, Mr Ll. S. Kneale, J.P., performed the ceremony, and delivered a brief and appropriate address. His Excellency commented on the spirit which had animated thirteen out of the very small number of gentlemen who constituted the Manx Bar to come forward at once and serve their country, and remarked that it was only to be expected that highly educated men would fully appreciate the danger with which the country was threatened. There ware some who volunteered regardless of whether they came within the prescribed limits of age, and others who, though debarred by reasons of health or otherwise from serving, made strenuous efforts to get themselves accepted , and generally the Bar behaved with credit to themselves, their Island, and the profession to which they belonged. It was sad to think that these three young men were cut off so early in life, but it was fitting that in this Court, where they practised their profession, and where no doubt they would have risen to high distinction, those who succeeded them would see their names enshrined for all time.

Mr Kneale briefly thanked the Governor for his kindness in unveiling the tablet, and the members of the Bar then adjourned to the Law Library, there a meeting was held. In the Law Library, also a memorial has been set up. in the form of an oak tablet beautifully lettered in colour by Mr J. Christian, of the firm of Holmes & Christian, signwriters, Douglas. The inscription is as follows:-


Members of the Bar.

Robert Elliot Allen (1914-15), Queen's Royal Lancers (France), killed in action near Ypres 24th May 1915; Ramsey Gelling Johnson (1915-18), (Loyal Field Artillery (France), wounded at Messines 7th June, 1917; Reginald Douglas Farrant (1916-18), Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (Grand Fleet); Anthony Adamson Whiteside (1916-18), King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (France) - Thomas Lewin (1916-17) King's Liverpool Regiment (France), killed in action near Armentieres 28th February, 1917; Thomas Clucas Teare (1916-18), Royal Berkshire Regiment (Fianoe) ; James Karran Stephen (191718), Labour Corps; Percy John Crellin (1917-18), Inland Water Transport; William Percy Cowley (1918), Royal Naval Reserve (Mediterranean Fleet) ; Edwyn Corlett Kneen (1918), Inns of Court Officers' Training Corps.

Students at Law.

John Bell Nelson (1914-18), Devonshire Regiment, Napier's Rifles (Palestine), awarded Military Cross 4th August, 1918, mortally wounded near Beit Lid, Palestine 22nd September, 1918; Sylvester Lindsay Quine (1914-18). Cheshire Regiment (Salonica), Royal Air Force (France), awarded Military Cross 30th October,. 1917; Sydney James Kneale (1914-18), King's Liverpool Regiment (France) ; Robert Cowell (1915-18), King's Liverpool Regiment (France), Machine Gun Corps, wounded at Ypres 20th June, 1916; Eric Wilfred Fargher (1915-18), Army Service Corps (France), wounded at Ypres 27th August, 1917 Walter Cecil Webster (1917-18), Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve; John Henry Lockhart Cowin (1917-18). Royal Air Force; Howard Deighton Lay (1917-18), Royal Air Force.


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