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The annual meeting of the Barrow Manx Society was held on March 1st, Mr W. Ashburner presiding. The balance-sheet showed a slight gain on the year, and a balance of 25 9s 5d in hand.

The Chairman referred to the political situation, and remarked that in the Isle of Man they knew very little of politics, ability being recognised irrespective of parties. Becoming reminiscent, Mr Ashburner recalled incidents from memory at the time of the Crimean War. He paid tribute to the fine work done by the secretary, Mr Hy. F. C. Lace. Councillor D. J. Crellin, seconding the report, which the chairman moved, said he left the Island when 16 years old, and because it had not been too kind to him up to that time, he might not be so ardent a patriot as he otherwise would have been. In mitigation of his shortcomings, he could say that what Lord Milner termed, " The excesses of nationalisation," had been responsible for a lot of mischief and suffering all the world over. He thought most wars could be attributed to it, and few would be prepared to say it had not been the main source of all the trouble in Ireland. On the whole, he thought the Manx nation was the happy medium in this respect. Its war record. was one to be proud of. The speaker also. paid tribute to the splendid work of Mr Lace as secretary. The following officers and committee were elected for the, ensuing year: Mr Wm. Ashburner (president) ; Messrs W. Lewney, J.P., Councillor D. J. Crellin, Wm. Watson, Jas. Hodson (vice-presidents) ; Mr Geo. Crellin (chairman , committee) ; hon. secretary, Mr H. C. F. Lace; hon. treasurer, Mr A. Clucas; trustees, Messrs W. H. Quayle, George Kelly; hon. auditors, Messrs D. Boyde, Ralph H. Crellin; committee, Messrs F. Moore, Thos. Kay, J. Karran, W. Killip, F. Mudie, Miss Elsie Corkill, Miss M. Killip.

Quite recently the hon. secretary of the Barrow Manx Society gave, an interesting and instructive lecture entitled " A Tour through Mona's Isle," illustrated by a large number of slides, in St. John's Schoolroom, Barrow. There was a large attendance. The lecturer dealt with the subject in a masterly manner,

A recent issue of " The Dalton Guardian," a newspaper circulating in the Furness district gives an account of the final meeting of the Dalton Kiddies' Xmas Treat Committee, an organisation which resulted in much-needed assistance being given to the families of men out of work. In Barrow and neighbourhood unemployment is very severe; many men formerly engaged on munition works have been out of work for twelve months, and Prgm March last until quite recently, the majority of the local miners had been out of work. The secretary of this committee was Mr W, T. Kneale, and at the meeting referred to, high praises were accorded to him for his organising abilities, and it was stated that the amount of money raised, corp-side zed together with the short space in which the whole effort was organised, constituted a record for the district. Mr Kneale is a son of Mr R. Kneale, of Castletown, and was formerly a reporter with the "Mona's Herald " where his brother, Mr R. G. Kneale, is now employed. He is now on the staff of "The Barrow News and Mail." Councillor D. J. Crellin, who proposed the vote of thanks to Mr Kneale on this occasion, is also a Manxman, and an influential member of the Barrow Manx Society.

Judging by a perusal of the journal above mentioned, Manx people seemed to have found their -way into every corner of the political, religious, and social life of Dalton and district. Councillor Crellin presides over the annual meeting of the Dalton Liberal Club, and declares Mr T. A. Caine elooted treasurer; and at the close of those proceedings, a musical programme is contributed to by Miss L. and Mr T. Corkhill, and Miss N. Lewney. Councillor William Lewney, J.P., presides over the, proceedings of the Dalton Co-Operative Society, and receives the nominations of Messrs J. J. Quaye, Walter Duke, and Charles Corris for seats on the committee. Mr G. W. Corlett attends a meeting of the Dalton Gas Committee. Mr J. Quirk presides at a lecture given in the Hindley-road Congregational Church, Barrow, and Mr J. W. Clague conducts evangelistic services at the Church of Christ, Ramsden-street Hall. Mr V. Quayle presents the balance-sheet of the Ulverston Unemployed Institute ; another Mr Quayle is vicepresident of the Barrow and District Utility Poultry Society. It is gratifying to be unable to find any Manx names in the police-court items.


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