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How many of our present-day readers remember the well-known name of William Warburton, tobacco and cigar manufacturer, on the Market-hill, in the early 'sixties? It was there that the subject of this article, Mr Wm. Cannell, served his time to the art of cigar making. For the last fifty years he has been employed by Messrs Cope Bros. and Co., Ltd., Liverpool, the well-known manufacturers, as cigar maker, latterly as foreman, and has only just retired from their service. Mr Cannell claims that, as far as he knows, he is the last of the Manx cigar makers.

During his life in Liverpool he found many opportunities to occupy his time, as he was actively associated with the Cigar Makers' Society, of which body he was president on two separate occasions, and was mainly instrumental in forming an affiliation with the London Cigar Makers' Society. He also represented the Cigar Makers on the Liverpool United Trades Council. A member of the committee of the Liverpool Manx Society and one of its founders and active workers, he was twice President of the Ellan Vannin Sick and Friendly Society, and also treasurer for many years. He was a brother-in-law to the late Capt. Wm. Wood, of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. Mr Cannell was presented with a valuable silver-mounted and engraved walking-stick and other presents by the members of the staff. He is retiring with a comfortable pension, and despite his 70 years, is in fairly good health. He carries with him the best wishes of his colleagues and many friends in his well-earned retirement.


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