[From Manx Quarterly, #28 1922]


Ashburner, W., Barrow-in:-Fumess.
Bell, Captain F., Kensington-road, D'glas.
Baudis, Dr.. 115 Adelaide-road, Hampstead, N. W.3.
Bulman, Airs., 27 Hawarden-avenue D'glas.
Bell, W. H., Selborne Drive, Douglas.
Blair, Mrs., Buck's-road, Douglas. Bodleian Library Oxford.
Boyd-Dawkins, Prof., Fallowfield House, Fallowfield, Manchester (Life Member).
Boyd-Dawkins, Miss, Fallowfield House, Fallowfield, Manchester (Life Member).
Broadbent, S. K., "Examiner" Buildings, Douglas.
Bregazzi, Percy, Athol-street, Douglas.
Broadhead, Mrs., Strand-street, Douglas.
Caine, P. W., 14 Dalton-street, Douglas.
Caine, T., East-field, Douglas.
Caine, Mrs., Eastfield, Douglas. Caine, E. A., Port Erin.
Callister Rev. J. Q., 4 Kingswood Grove.
Campbell Miss M., Thurlby, Switzerland, Douglas.
Cannell, Miss, Ballafageen, Douglas.
Cashen, Caesar, Market Place, Peel.
Clucas, G. F., S.H.K.- Cronkbourne (Life).
Clucas, J. D.. H.K., Thornhill, Ramsey.
Clegg, J. E., Finch-road, Douglas.
Clegg. Mrs. and Miss, Finch-road, D'glas.
Clegg, W. Westville, Douglas.
Clague, Mrs., 3 James'-street, Portobello, Edinburgh.
Collard. A. S., Brig.-General, C.B., C.V.O., Royal Auto. Club, London.
Cooke, Rev. W., Warrington (Life).
Coole Mrs., North Quay, Douglas (Life).
Corkill, 7k., Andreas-road, Ramsey.
Corlett, Mrs. W. J., Quarter Bridge-road, Douglas.
Corrin, Miss A., The Parade, Castletown.
Corrin T. C., J.P., Glenfaba, Peel. Corkill, J., 6 King-street, Douglas.
Corrin, Jas. R., H.K., The Lhagagh, Colby.
Cowley, Miss Annie and Miss Jennie, Albany-road, Peel.
Cowell, R., Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.A. (Life)
Cowell, Mrs and Miss, do.(Life)
Creer, Miss J., 2 Esplanade, Douglas.
Craige, S. C., Selborne-road, Douglas.
Crippin, Mr. and Mrs., Ramsey.
Craine, Mrs. T., Albert-terrace, Douglas (Life).
Curphey, Miss M., Parliament-street, Ramsey.
Cubbon, William, " Cairbrie," Douglas.
Cubbon, W. C., Rushen Abbey, Ballasalla.
Dawson. Mrs. W. J., Woodside-ter., D'glas.
Dickson, E. H. L., 44 Bohan-road, Pendleton, Manchester (Life).
Dickson J. C. Parr's Bank, Castletown.
Dodd, T., I.O.M. Bank, Peel.
Douglas Public Library.
Douglas, Miss M., Ballaragh, Laxey.
Douglas, F., Ballaragh.
Douglas, Mrs., Ballaragh, Laxey.
Douglas, J. E., Albany-road, Douglas.
Davidson. Rev. J., J.P., Port Lewaigue.
Dodgson, E. S., c/o Forest Lodge, Keston, Kent.
Darling, C., 3 Woodland-terrace, Douglas.
Farrant, R. D., High-Bailiff, Douglas (Life).
Fayle, Inspector, Ramsey.
Fayle, Mrs. Ramsey,
Ferguson, Rev. R., Dhoon.
Fargher, T. P., Derby-square, Douglas.
Gelling, R. D., Ballavagher, Marown.
Gill, W. H., Angmering, Sussex (Life).
Gill, Miss Eleanor, 770 Flanders-street, Portland, Oregon (Life).
Gill, Mrs. J. F., Killiney, Dublin (Life).
Gill, W. W. Ballaquane Cottage Dalby.
Goldie-Taubman L.,M.L.C.,, J.P., The Nunnery, Douglas.
Gordon, Mrs Victor, Edensor," Douglas.
Graves, F, S., 9 Mount-street, Manchester (Life).
Greene, F. M., C.P., Oatlands, Santon (Life).
Goodwin, E., Mount Morrison, Peel.
Gelling, S. T., Schoolhouse Braddan.
Gelling, Clucas, Albany-road, Douglas.
Harvard Jones, Rev. H. T., M.A., South View, Cross Green, Soham.
Harvey, G. Arthur, c/o Buchanan, Jones & Co., Autofagasta, Chile (Life).
Hench, Rev. D. N., St. Thomas' Vicarage.
Flood, Mrs., 16 Fort William, Douglas.
Homan, L., J.P., Ballaterson, Ballaugh (Life).
Hunt, Mrs. Hemmings, 5 Highgate-road, N. W.5.
Hyde, Dr. Douglas, French-park, Co. Roscommon, Ireland (Life).
Jackson, E. W., M.A., Brighton College, Brighton.
Jackson, I., 13 Newton-street, Greenock.
Jenkins, Mrs. S. C., 109 Railroad-avenue, Rye, New York (Life).
Joughin, J. J., Peel.
Joughin, Miss L., Peel.
Karran, Rev. W. J., Marathon (Life).
Kewley, Ven. Archdeacon, Andreas.
Kelly, H, P., B. A., Athol-street, Douglas.
Kelly, W. E., 138 Herne Hill-road Herne Hill, S.E.24.
Kennaugh, Miss. King's Pyon, Weobley, Hereford.
Kermode, Miss, Windsor Mount, Ramsey (Life).
Kermode, Rev. Canon, M.A., Lezayre.
Keig, Mrs., Brunswick-road, Douglas.
Killey, Geo, D. Bentuther, Waterloo, Liver-pool (Life).
Kinnish, T. C., Mullinaragher Santon.
Kinley, W., 5 Dartmouth Hill, Blackheath, London S.E.
Kinley, Miss M., Creg-dy-Shee, Port St. Mary.
Kinvig, R. H., University , Liverpool.
Kneen, J. J., Buck's-rd Douglas.
Kissack, W., Berkeley-street, Douglas.
Kermode, R. C., Mona Vale, Roes, Tasmania (Life).
Lace, R., F.R.G.S., Santon (Life).
Laughton, Mrs., Ludford's Hotel, Winchester.
Leece, Rev. Canon, Rushen Vicarage.
Leece, J. E., Onchan.
London Manx Society, per Miss A. Kaye, 307 Camberwell New Road S.E.
Lewin, Mr., Mrs. and Miss, Westhill, Douglas.
Lockett Mrs., North Quay, Douglas.
Marshall, Dr., Loch Promenade, Douglas.
Marshall, Miss E., Ballafesson.
Manchester Manx Society, per Miss Kelly, Bentcliffe House, Pendleton.
Manchester Reference Library.
Meyer, L. G., King-street, Douglas.
Meyrick, W. B., Albany-road, Douglas.
Morrison, Miss M., Atholl-street, Peel.
Moore, R. O., M.A., M.Sc., 25 Galloway-rd., Waterloo.
Moore, Miss M. C., M.A., 25 Galloway-road, Waterloo.
Moore, T. H., J.P., C.P. Billown (Life).
Moore, Mrs., Great Meadow, Malew.
Morrison, Miss L., 117 Boston-street, Hulme (Life).
Morrison, Mrs., Poplar-road, Douglas.
Moore, S. Stevenson.
Moore, J. R., South-street, Treverton, Ashburton, N.Z.
McCormick, Miss, Oakfield, Tynwald-road, Peel.
National Library of Wales, per Mr. Ballinger, M.A.Aberystwyth.
Neely. G. 25 Leicester-street, South Heigham, Norwich.
Neely, G. J. H., 3 Osborne Grove, Douglas.
Oates, J. N., Princes,-road, Douglas (Life).
O'Rahilly, T. F., M.A., M.R.I.A. 19 Castle-wood Park Rathmines, Dublin.
Paton, Cyril I., Streatham College, Streatham Common, London.
Prideaux, P., Port Erin.
Farkes, Lieut. A. J., Tromode, Douglas.
Qualtrough, Eric, 18 Rathin-road, Withington.
Qualtrough, Miss Kate, Belvedere, Broad-road, Sale Cheshire.
Qualtrough, , D., H.K., Alexandra-road, Castletown.
Qualtrough, R. H., 3 Oxford-street, Douglas.
Quarrie, G. H. Midland Bank House, Scarborough (Life).
Quayle, C. W. Chudleigh House, Kingston Passage, Newmarket.
Quayle, Mrs., Ballamillhyn, Laxey.
Quayle, Alderman T.L., Douglas.
Quayle, J. E., Queen's-terrace, Douglas.
Quayle, Mrs. J. E. Queen's-terrace, D'glas.
Quayle, Miss, Adelaide-terrace, Douglas.
Quilliam, R. E. E., Douglas.
Quilliam, W. S., Ballacraine, St. John's.
Quirk, Miss Catherine, Cleveland, U..S.A.
Quirk, Mrs. I., Victoria-road, Douglas.
Ralfe, P. G., Castletown.
Rogers, H. M., Eastfield, Douglas.
Royston, Mrs., The Hemitage, Doug (Life).
Royston, Miss, The Hermitage, Douglas.
Rylands Library, Manchester, per Guppy.
Rice, B. Lewis C.I.E., Greenhalgh III on the Hill.
Rogerson, Dr., Ballamillghyn, Braddan Life).
Rogerson, T., Ballamillghyn, Bradd (Life).
Rogerson, Miss, Ballamillghyn, Braddan (Life).
Rydings, Mrs., Onchan (Life).
Savage, Rev. E. C., Roughton Head Vicarage, Dalston R.S.O., Cumberland.
Shimmin, C. R., H.K., Mona-street. Peel.
Simpson, D. H., 18 St. Ann-street Manchester.
Skillicorn, Miss F., Ballasalla.
Sloan Miss Maud, Ballasalla.
St. Aubyn, Miss E., The Mount, Sidmouth, Devon.
Taylor, Mrs., Fallowfield House, Manchester (Life).
Teare, A. H., H.K., Ramsey.
Teare, W. F., Balladda, Dalby.
Taylor, Mrs., Braeside, Howstrake.
Turnbull, E. Port Erin.
Tyson, A. H., Athol-street, Douglas,
Watterson, Mrs. J. C., Brunswick-road, Douglas.
Watterson, Miss, Oakfield, Tynwald-road, Peel.
Watterson, J. H., Lytham College, Lytham.
Williams, Mils., Victoria-road, Douglas.
Williams, Miss Mallt., Plas Gwynnon Dal, Llan Arthure, S. Wales.
Wood, G. W., Rossholme, Streatham, London, S.W.
Woods, A. V. R., 26 St. James-street, London.

Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh

is the Manx National Union; an organisation by means of which Manx people in any part of the world can keep in constant touch with all that is best in the life and work of the Island.

Among its many aims are:-The preservation, study, and teaching of the Manx Gaelic; the fostering of the national ideal among Manx children; the collection of folklore, folk-music and dances, games, riddles, poems, place-names, etc., still extant among the people, whether in Manx or in English; the encouragement of modern Manx music, art, literature, and drama, and of Manx enterprise generally.

Those who care for these things, and wish to help the Society in its work, should become members at once.The subscription is Annually, 2/6; or Life, £1 I1s. All members receive the literature of the Society and are entitled to attend its general meetings (in which they have a vote), excursions, etc.


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